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JAL to raise ¥500 bil to secure financial base


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Shouldn't be too hard seeing as how banks have all sorts of cash they want to lend out! And if that doesn't work JAL will again get the government to bail them out!

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The money tree does exist!

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They have been flying almost empty planes for months around Japan, instead of cutting back on their schedules like other airlines have done.

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I took a domestic flight yesterday in response of Japan lifting the restriction of interprefectural travels on Friday

When I booked the tickets online, the seats were almost full. But actually Seats were cut to keep distance.

30% of seats I guessed were used.

I felt it’s safer to be onboard than staying at restaurants with more confined spaces.

Having said ventilation in airplane is sufficient taken.

So I’m wondering if more international flights reopen early not only to 4 Asian Pacific countries which already permitted to travel but also More countries like Asian countries.

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That is a really good idea.

I'll nip up to UFJ later and tell them I need 500 billion, just to "secure my financial base" mind.

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UFJ. Quick, money please. Pay you back later - or maybe not. Probably not. Maybe never. I'm so relieved JAL's executives won't have to worry about their generous summer bonuses.

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