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Japan's February jobless rate at 2.6%; 1st rise in 5 months


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The economy here is so crap that even the Chinese that I know have gone back to China where the prospects are better!

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@Bobo says if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. But if those monkeys know how to lay down, they'll get more peanuts. 760,000 left their jobs? Are they all Japanese/foreigners who are long time residents or trainees who have gone awol. With that unemployed number, there could be no need to welcome foreign trainees then.

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I wouldn’t work for ¥900 an hour when my snow tires for my car cost ¥35000, and to buy a beer in town cost ¥750.

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Even in Aust if you’re working a couple of hours a week, or working for unemployment benifits you are counted as employed, the real unemployment rate must be 20% who knows? A friend went for a secretary job and there were over 1000 applicants, getting a job is the same odds as a lottery.

Here it’s different as wages are discustingly low therefore jobs are plentifull.

if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

a happy worker is a good worker.

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...job availability ....fell 0.01 point from January to 1.34, worsening for the second straight month

Kyodo tells us there is a severe labor shortage. Yet when employment slackens a bit, freeing up more labor for all those available jobs, it calls the trend "worsening"? Weird.

What does Kyodo it think is "healthy"? 200 jobs for every 100 workers?

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Japan's mismanagement of its Covid problem is showing up still.

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Next up in KYODO Business News:

Amid rising real estate prices; the number of homeless rose as more sought better living conditions.

The LDP controlled media will do everything to distract the public from the declining standards of living in Japan for the majority under their leadership.

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The total number of unemployed stood at a seasonally adjusted 1.80 million people in February, up 7.8 percent from the previous month.

Misleading statistics as they do not include those whose unemployment benefits have stopped, those who have stopped looking for work and others who are woefully "under-employed!"

Among them, 760,000 people voluntarily left their jobs, up 11.8 percent, while 450,000 were dismissed, also up 7.1 percent.

I find it hard to believe that so many people "voluntarily" left their jobs!

How unemployment statistics are calculated here changed around the time of the huge "ristora" era following the collapse of the bubble. The government didnt want panic, so they stopped including those who were not looking for work, and started including those who are "working" even 1 hour per week. They did this to keep the impression that employment was stable, even as full time positions started evaporating and contracted and PT positions increased.

Even the reports about pay wage/salary increases, only reflect those who are "full time" employees, and those are now only something or somewhere around 45% of the total work force.

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Does this figure also include people with "not real jobs"?

e.g. old dudes with glo-sticks waving people in the only direction they can travel.

I mean the kind of jobs which support surviving, but not living.

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Japan's unemployment rate in February rose 0.2 point from the previous month to 2.6 percent, worsening for the first time in five months, as more people sought better working conditions amid an economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, the government said Friday.

What is with this Orwellian doublespeak "as more people sought better working conditions " that accompanies these articles about labor conditions?

Among them, 760,000 people voluntarily left their jobs, up 11.8 percent,

The same doublespeak accompanied a quote by an industry rep that people left jobs, even during a pandemic, "to seek better conditions".

The CCP is more accurate in reporting economic conditions than the LDP and Kyodo.

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Lots of jobs with no security on offer for 1000 yen an hour though

What, no takers?

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