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Nikkei recovers pre-pandemic level


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This makes absolutely no sense.

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And that benifits the people who are working for ¥1,000 an hour....how?

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If only stock market indices actually measured the prosperity of a society and not just a ticker for the competition between rentier class capital holding oligarchs, Certainly Japanese and American society have not "recovered to pre-pandemic levels".

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The share market is a leading indicator of the economy.

By spring in japan, this coronavirus pandemic should be in the rear view mirror, is what the stock market is saying.

Of course one must not lose sight of the fact that the Nikkei 225 is slightly above half its all-time highs of 30 years ago. Global shares have done so much better over the same period of time.

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If only stock market indices actually measured the prosperity of a society...

They do, to some extent. Reserve funds for countries' social security programs are stuffed with stocks, and the same goes for private pension funds.

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The Japan stock market has boomed by 260% since PM Abe took charge in 2012. PM Abe sure did get things going again after the disaster of the DPJ government, and enabled so many people to build their wealth. Well done, PM Abe, well done, Kuroda-sensei!

There is no need for debate - Abenomics simply must continue, even if the architect (PM Abe) is no longer directing everything. 2021 should see Nikkei 225 hit 30,000+.

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The funny money is having an effect at last....phew!

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The Fed did it, and the BoJ simply follows. The global stock markets have departed much from the reality, long ago.

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We will recover from the current Covid 19 pandemic and in the meantime governments are printing money like there is no tomorrow. Ultimately inflation with take hold and the markets will balance themselves out as per usual Fed playbook inflating out of trouble makes sense. Japan has been trying to do this for many decades so this time they may be getting it right.

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