Nikkei closes with biggest fall in 3 months on China property fears


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A virus and then financial crisis... global problems come almost always from there.

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Interesting news about China, but wonder why no news about Olympics in China in a few short months. For the past year Japan had laser focus on news about Olympics and coronavirus. China just gets a free pass?

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I think Covid will blow a hole, a huge hole in China and their CCP garbage. Long live the Olympics.


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Who would have thought 30 years ago that China could crash the markets???

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Why does it seem like only bad news comes out of China?

Would be interesting if global media shared how China spins all this bad news through their ccp propaganda machine.

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What, you mean like this:

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Is the China bubble starting to burst?

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I keep saying Xi Jinping is juggling a lot of sharp knives representing all the conflicts between the CCP and the Chinese people, and between the CCP and the rest of the world. Mr. Xi seems predisposed towards contention and thus continuously adds more and more knives to his juggling act. Sooner or later he will miss one and get stabbed by it. The only question is which one will be the first to hit. After that he may drop more knives and suffer more wounds. Who knows, one might even be fatal?

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Don't worry, central banks will intervene to make sure none of the billionaires are at risk of losing a nickle.

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Literally an article posted today about a billionaire who lost 87% of his nickles...

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Is this what everyone was predicting earlier? So it’s started then?

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Why does it seem like only bad news comes out of China?

That's not true. China was immune to the Global Financial Crisis, as most of its banks are state owned and those that aren't are strictly regulated. Nothing but good financial news back then, when the West was floundering. This incident shows Beijing needs to socialize and regulate the real estate sector as well.

Xi Jinping is juggling a lot of sharp knives...

Not sure what that has to do with it. Evergrande's problems are routed in its aggressively marketing of the dream of private home ownership. Sound familiar? Yep, subprime redux.

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