Nikkei extends rally to new 29-year closing high after Biden win


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Won’t last long, Yen will surge to 1 USD : 80 JPY level by end of next year

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Only another 33% to go before the Nikkei 225 reaches all-time highs!

Just a matter of time, it’s gonna be any century now...

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There is no reason to suspect that the yen will strengthen by 20%.

I’d wager not too, although if it did it might be a matter of the dollar weakening rather than the yen strengthening.

It depends on the reasons for such a fluctuation, but for me Japan’s public debt situation is miles worse than the US situation.

One thing Japan has going for it is the current account surplus.

But looking around, other places that used to have high yielding currencies now have low yielding currencies too. And places like Turkey have their currencies going to nothing.

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fxgai, there is allot of if's and but's.

Markets could take months to settle, flush out the election aftermath There are short term stock gains. However timing is critical.

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All these reports a few weeks ago of investors looking forward to 4 more years of Trump. Now markets up over Biden. One thing it tells you, neither one is good news for the wage worker. When there was a possibility of a Sanders nomination, all you heard about was how it would spook markets.

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MMMMMMMM JAPAN is not Asia, Japan is afraid of their stock. Asian is not. please know Asian people before u start to write.

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Sounds like Biden is a powerful man.

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