Nikkei jumps 1,000 points on new U.S. stimulus expectation


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"With their diddley up-up,

With their diddley down-down,

Up down, flying around.

Looping the loop,

And defying the ground".


Makes ya head spin!

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Irrational exuberance.

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What goes up must come down. This is a game of the haves. The have nots only live on the down.

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One is tempted to ask why, if additional US stimulus is so great, why is there no corresponding desire by Abe and his confreres to follow suit and dispense additional funds on top of the 100k already announced. Keep in mind, financial assistance to average Joes in just about every other developed country has already been multiples of that provided directly to people here. Japanese cognitive dissonance at its finest.

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This is a game of the haves.

Anyone can buy stocks these days. Funds and other products have never been cheaper and so accessible.

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