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Nikkei jumps to 33-year high on U.S. stock surge, robust jobs data


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fake money from the BOJ will end soon...

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Hope the average salaries will rise accordingly.

Just keeping investing in NISA whether the market is good or bad.

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That’s what happens when the BOJ puts its newly printed yen into ETFs traded on the Nikkei, and the BOJ makes itself largest stockholder in most of Japan’s top publicly traded companies. This is not good news.

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bubble.dangerous one.

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The U.S. dollar remained firm in the lower 140 yen range after stronger-than-expected U.S. nonfarm payrolls growth in May reignited speculation that the Federal Reserve may not skip an interest rate hike this month, dealers said.

US in a strange situation where they want a more moderate job growth

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That’s what happens when the BOJ puts its newly printed yen into ETFs traded on the Nikkei, 

This rally has nothing to do with the ETF purchases, which have been close to zero this year. It's about Japan having lower inflation and lower interest rates than the US, strong corporate profits and an ultra-loose monetary that is expected to be around for quite a while. Just ask Warren Buffet.

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The next monetary crash system is near us and it will be not one, but three. Stocks and bonds will plunge first because interest rate rises disrupting asset funds, then the real-estate second because of debt to equity structure and financing, and third the US dollar because US is going to print so much it will self destruct. US left behind billions of dollars in enemy countries. And now Saudi Arabia in alliance with Russia, joins BRICS and will end the glory petrol trade days of US dollar. Invest in precious metals....gold, silver and platinum -these will spike up quick-like.

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