Nikkei up 16% in 2020 for highest year-end close since 1989


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Nikkei up 16% in 2020

The government officials are undoubtedly out celebrating this monstrous occasion with a steak dinner.

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The Nikkei finished trading in 1989 at a record high of 38,915.87 in the midst of Japan's asset-inflated bubble economy.

This time around it's a central bank driven asset bubble economy, because many actual businesses have been doing it tough this year.

Was reading an article just now about the impacts of the BOJ's stock market purchases. Apparently the number of shareholders in Japan has been flat at 13 million in the time since the BOJ started buying stocks, so those 13 million people are the ones who have been doing alright out of the BOJ's moves (so far).

I look forward to a more normal situation, where the national authorities aren't pushing various inequalities as they have been doing...

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Good news for shareholders. Not me unfortunately. In any case I will take all the good news I can get.

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The index gradually recovered on the back of massive monetary easing and fiscal stimulus around the world, brokers said.

Massive monetary easing and fiscal stimulus is basic income for bankers propping up financial markets as the vast majority of the public suffers in a pandemic depression.

We need better indicators of the financial health of society and better distribution of resources.

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This money game had gone on far enough. Stop it before we bring it crashing down .

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@fxgai well..BOJ brought the stocks ETF till the nikkei hit 19500 when the stock hit the bottom at 16500. rest of the rally is investor driven rally. hell.. BOJ made a handsome profit of 96 billion.

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96 billion dollars*

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Stock market has been long disconnected with real economy. With COVID19 it is all about expecting relief money will be put on the casino scene. Obscene!

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I predicted good upside from Japanese stocks a few years and once again have been proven right. I ditched my financial adviser years ago. LOL.


This time around it's a central bank driven asset bubble economy, because many actual businesses have been doing it tough this year.

Same can be said of all the major economies, although it can't be called a "bubble," given the gradual, medium-term rise of the NIkkei since the implementation of the corporate governance code and a lack of real estate speculation.

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