U.S., China discuss economic challenges, supply chains


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Now the US has in China and Russia two great countries that are not going to kneel to the US interventionist whims, the world is changing and it is no longer the unipolar farce where the US had control at its selfish convenience, now the world has another vision and way to do things..

The future will be RED !!..

New world order coming, get used to it..

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New world order coming, get used to it..

Whilst not shaped by US government, it's shaped by US corporates. So don't hold your breath for a red globe.

Everybody knows the government is no longer serving the interest of the people when it goes out of its way to support 'red' controlled businesses.

Biden invited EV automakers like GM to the Whitehouse but excludes the country's most successful EV maker 'Tesla'. Why? Especially now that China controls GM.

Why is BYD and NIO getting government incentives when they're Chinese companies? But guess who's the seed funder for BYD, Berkshire.

Political lobbying in USA has reached a critically corrupt phase, and to say the politicians are worried about an insurrection is putting it lightly.

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The future will be RED

The soviets used to say the same thing. Where are they now?? Russia military is extremely weak as displayed by their invasion of Ukraine.

At the end of the day, many American businesses will pull out of China, for multiple reasons. America can always go back to being an isolationist country (pre WWII and focus our money and extreme resources on America.

The world will never accept communism as a majority of the world enjoys personal freedoms such as freedom of the press (not control by the state ) and freedom of speech.

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The future will be RED !!..

New world order coming, get used to it..

And yet you do not choose to live in your beloved China or Russia.

There may be red on company ledgers but that is the only future that is red. Before that happens there would be another world war and we would all be destroyed, so the future may be blood red.

As another mentioned, the free world will never become communist and will never bow to their rules. The future for the free is continued freedom. A pity that cant be embraced by all.

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Sure! Boeing get out of China, not a single airliner order for you!

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Among the options is lifting some of the trade tariffs imposed on China by Biden's predecessor Donald Trump.

No, that would be admitting defeat. Americans need to buckle down. Gut check time.

The US is losing leverage. Hong Kong hardly got any effective support from the US. The Uighurs are supposedly dying in prison camps. Tibetan culture is thinning out yet the US is lifting tariffs on China.

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Somebody blinked

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