U.S.-China trade deal gets tepid reception

By Heather SCOTT

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But we were told China was paying for all these billions...

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Trump just doesn't have the ticker for his rhetoric.

Oh well, time for Americans young and old to buy some Chinese made knee pads, because there will be lots of kneeling in the future.

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Trump haters always the same. Even selecting the picture of him. He is the only one said China is looting USA. He wanted to stop it, but the fake news and Bidens demos want China be better than USA by making anything a bloc for President Trump. But he is the only one who has guts to stand against China. Others just lick the feet of China for dollars. In his second term Trump will deal China much stronger than now. America will benefit the most and will be greatest of all time. Thank you President Trump.

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Trump haters always the same

It's not about hating, it's liking Trump but still be able to see his actual performance and tenacity where it matters.

It looks like he's a lot more tenacious on a sixteen year old fighting for the planet than he is fighting thieves and cheats that has been robbing his people for decades.

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Business is supply and demand. The US has invested in China for decades and moved manufacturing from other locations including domestic, to China so that the companies can make greater profit. If you think it is China that is responsible for the trade imbalance then you don't get the big picture. Yes China has the cheap labor pool and hundreds of millions of cheap workers means cheaper manufactured goods than domestic supply. Cheaper goods means people buy them to save money and shun the overly expensive domestic product. The country that does it best wins and for the past 40 years the country mass producing cheap goods the best is the one that the world has been using to drive up company profits. China. Is China corrupt? Yes. Is it a one party state that does what it wants and tells companies to do its bidding or get no slice of the pie, or people get detained? Yes it is. Trump does not get the the demand from US consumers is high and that demand for US services and goods from China is much less than the other way around. Trying to force more purchasing of US goods and services is false economy as China is already buying what it needs, buying surplus is not a long term option. Protecting intellectual property is the only really achievable goal in this trade dispute. The trade imbalance is determined by supply and demand. China has less demand for bulk US goods and services that the US does for China's goods. Unless the demand alters, the imbalance will remain no matter what Trump says or does, short term changes pressed on China aside.

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It's not about the trade imbalance as much as it is about China using the trade imbalance to underwrite and fortify their military ambitions. Supply and demand theories go out the door when one is discussing national security.

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But the gains in the deal do not compensate for the damage to U.S. farmers and businesses, she told reporters.

Will they vote for him again?

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It’s sad how ignorant so many people are about basic economics, including Trump.

We all have trade deficits. You have a substantial trade deficit with your local supermarket, the company that made your car, your local restaurants and stores where you buy anything. They buy nothing from you...

China did not loot the US, US companies did. They went to China to reduce their material costs and screw the US workers by putting the increased profits into the pockets of the executives and doing nothing to improve the wages or working conditions and health insurance of everyone below the executive level.

It’s a disgrace, but the average American is easily conned into thinking that they have the best system in the world, have the most freedom and the best healthcare and society.

They do not.

Every single product built in China was ordered by American companies, If you want to know who screwed the American worker, look no further than the boardrooms of US companies.

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"President Trump is desperately trying to get back to where the economy was 18 months ago," before taking this "unilateral, brute force approach," ( Trade economist Mary ) Lovely said.

More like China is desperately trying to get back to where their economy was 18 months ago. The U.S. economy is overall doing just fine.

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