US companies walk fine line when doing business with China


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I would know that I have free speech, keep quiet, and rake in the money.

If opened my mouth and offended the hen that laid the golden eggs, I would do what Harden did: know that I have free speech, apologize to mollify, try and restore the relationship, then take in the money.

I wouldn’t choose mouth off and proclaim I gave free speech then lose all the gold.

Delta, Zara, Marriot, and Mercedes Benze are smart enough to stay in the game: possess the freedom of speech and having the wisdom of knowing when to use it.

Those who criticize the kowtowing have no skin in the game.

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"....and rake in the money."

But they won't be raking in the money in the long term. They'll be losing big-time.

I recall about 15 years back, when an analyst said nearly all the Windows OSs in China were counterfeit, and the Clinton administration accused Beijing of being completely unconcerned. Imagine how much $$$ Microsoft was losing in potential revenue from the piracy.

China's official, stated policy goal is self-sufficiency in tech and industry. When that happens, all the multinationals from overseas will be muscled out. They will lose big in the long term, unless politicians decide now to take severe action.

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China’s economic miracle hasn’t just failed to liberate Chinese people. It is also now routinely corrupting the rest of us outside of China. This was the message of the N.B.A.’s hasty and embarrassing apology after the Houston Rockets’ general manager tweeted a message in support of Hong Kong’s protesters.

 Hollywood, large tech companies and a variety of consumer brands have been more than willing to play ball. Blizzard suspended a player for calling for the liberation of Hong Kong in a live-stream. ESPN — a network owned by Disney, which has worked closely with the Chinese governmenton some big deals in China — warned anchors against discussing Chinese politics in talking about the Rockets controversy. It's all about money.

If we are to have any hope of countering China’s dictatorial apparatus and plans for global expansion, we’ll need a smarter and more sustained effort from our CEOs and leaders.

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No countries in the world like people like trump, no money and talk big.

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Too much of anti-China everything. Keep pointing the finger and forget your own problems!

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America and Chinese economies represent 43% of all the world economies.

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companies have to get out of China, there are other more worthy locations to setup shop than a dictatorship that shows no signs of changing. Political leaders are weak against Chinese influence and it's only a matter of time for them to come after you

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No they don't. It's quite simple. Does your Consumer base believe that you as a Brand are worth buying into - or would by doing so, cause them embarrassment.

Look towards the Eco movement for an answer on that one.

Now step forward a bit, and look at the China Situation.... see any parallels ?

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Some significant investors are going to be thinking carefully about investing in Apple Stock... and I mean for starters the Religious based or ethics related ones. Give it a Quarter or so, and lets see where things go. (I'd start by reviewing your own holdings carefully and make up your own minds)

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This year Alaska have buying large quantities of Apple stock I don’t think this will make them go cold.

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isn't this how capitalism works? china simply found a way to glitch the system. don't blame the hacker, fix your system.

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