U.S. employment jumps 201,000 in August, jobless rate steady at 3.9%

By Douglas Gillison

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Can't ask for more than that. Thanks Trump.

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Thanks Pres. Obama! Your economy is still going strong!

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Tax cuts and looser regulations have boosted the US economy, perhaps the taxes and regulations here in Japan ought be cut also?

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Good job, Barack! Unfortuantely, the effects of the new 'presidency' will be felt very soon.

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I really don't care which president happens to be in office, but the current President gets the credit/blame for stuff like this, always, especially almost 2 yrs in.

Having people who want to work, actually working is like a win. A tight job market means that pay will increase without the need for govt interference. Of course, there are people not being fully employed and people who feel their rate of pay is substandard for their positions. That always happens. Negotiation is the solution. In a tight labor market, the employee has the advantage in negotiation, especially in a skilled position.

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In 2022 (when Trump is still President) you people will still be saying the strong economy is due to the "community organizer's" policies.

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"Thanks Pres. Obama!"

Yeah, right, haha

Oh my...

Even the NYT is praising the Trump economy

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