U.S. firms rethink China presence because of trade war: survey

By Johannes EISELE

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Non CCP affiliated businesses never really had a level playing field in China any way, it's really a case of futility waiting for the CCP to reform whilst doubling down on poor investments.

The Germans are giving away billions and billions of IP when setting up JV with CCP controlled enterprises, just to keep components jobs in Germany, but how long can this go on for? Not to mention the tainted parts risks which is getting worse and worse.

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What a great way to control global warming-trade wars decrease demand for products nobody really needs!

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Good. This was a long time coming. We built the monster let's put it back in the cage.

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Non-Chinese companies "playing ball" by giving up their IP to Chinese companies caused this over the last 20 yrs. None of their were willing to go on the record at the WTO, out of fear of being thrown out of China.

Only a spotlight on every pressured deal, shown world-wide, and a "#me too" result by every other company being forced in a similar way will address this systematic issue inside China and the issues with each of the companies who allowed the transfer of their property.

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Excellent news.

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Whats needed, we need to get OUT of China!

Hey Ossan good to see you have finally seen what I have been saying for ages about the Chinese MONSTER!!

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American democracy! Washington tell both US and foreign companies where they can buy and where they can sell and the nations of the world obey US orders. This dictatorship, this domineering nation needs to be contained, but I fear that this will only happen after a global war.

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Blame trump and his right wing neocons! Without trade war becomes more and more possible.

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Trump launched the trade war last year to extract profound economic reforms from Beijing, accusing China of seeking to forge global industrial dominance through massive state intervention in markets and the theft of U.S. technology.

Theft of US aid and now we are finally addressing the theft of US technology.

That the Chinese steals from the US is nothing new. China and the US were once allies. It was Japan’s invasion of Manchuria or Northeastern China that displeased the US, which led to the oil embargo which led to Pearl Harbor. If the corrupt Chinese hadn’t stolen from the US, imagine what Asia would be like today.

Truman on this subject in later years: 'They're all thieves,' he told an interviewer, 'every damn one of them. They stole 750 million out of the [$3.8] billions that we sent to Chiang. They stole it, and it's invested in real estate down in Sao Paulo and some right here in New York.' To make matters worse, Chinese interests backed Truman's Republican opponent, Governor Thomas Dewey, in the 1948 presidential election"

The US thought that the China they once supported, the one in Taiwan ROC, would win the civil war against Mao. Right after WWII, the US was averse to involving itself in another war as the mind set was war was over. This was a failed policy and what is known as how the US lost China.

Whichever China, the one the US supported, or the China Nixon later recognized, they all steal from the US.

Yes, corruption is in every country, but the Chinese have very little conscience taking what belongs to others.

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America just found out, god they are slow.

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The collapse of British Steel and other producers was imminent with China producing more than 50% of the world’s supply, 928.3 million metric tons out of 1808.8 million mt.

China sells steel at a loss or what is known as dumping. As China bulls into the shop of world economics, China needs to learn how to lay by the rules.

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Researchers discover the source of new chlorofluorocarbon emissions

Since 2013, annual emissions of a banned chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) have increased by around 7,000 tonnes from eastern China

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About time too.. Forget Iran, (that's contained) it's actually China that Trump is focused upon, and has been all along. He's stubborn, inflexible, but is totally right, for China to enter the Global Market, it needs to do so, on Globally acceptable terms...not just when it suits China.

China has numerous issues.

Tech handovers...if you want access to the China Market you have to hand over the keys to your business to a Chinese entity, and you have no way of ensuring that this information doesnt get shared with your Chinese competitors..... and if somehow they get ahold of something "similar" suing them for copyright is difficult. Any Compamy (such as ARM Holdings) that has shared data with China should be put onto a watch-list for Corporate decline, as Chinese Companies will inevitably now have access to that data and try to leverage it to complete. (Theft)

Your Chinese Entity has to employ a government "spook" (for no better word for that). (Bullying)

Corruption is rife - a simple example - in order to get even Electricity setup for a new plant, you have to Bribe the Electricity Company officials to make it happen (in addition to the usual fees). (Untrustworthy)

You have to comply with the Governments wishes at all times - so if you hold data about people, this could be a potentially serious matter, particularly if that data involves non-Chinese Nationals. (Uncertainty)

The Huawei issue has admittedly been a bit overblown in terms of data snooping, though the real danger is a shutdown notice that could be issued by the Chinese Government, which would simply take down networks managed by Huawei equipment. To visualize that, watch the first 2 episodes of the modern remake of the "BattleStar Galactica" TV Series, then you'll see what could be potentially done. (And before you dismiss this, think back to the Chip hacking issue reported a number of months ago, concerning some data centers such as Amazons)

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Yes, you're right that the US seems to be driving the complaints, though if you stand back, and look at the actual "Complaints" themselves, they are Legit, and very justified. America has the Strength to make these complaints and if not unreasonable, other Nations can simply comply - though if they were to disagree then they could go to the UN. Right now, I see no such dissent. America is actually doing what the other Nations hoped it would.

The Iran issue was a blind sight to China, which had been trying to stoke that regions tension in the background, but which was clear to see for others. The US acted correctly, sent a small Military presence there and put the Iranians into a "Check" situation (in terms of the game of Chess).

The Chinese need to be worried at present.

I suspect, the next focus will be upon the Financial activities of certain Chinese Companies, and individuals, and relations to persons of importance.... it is well rumored that the Chinese Elite have significant monies outside of the Country, though with such tight controls one has to wonder how so ?

Also, I don't like the current outlook for HK at present - Banks think, they have a exclusion but if you look historically at way China approaches issues - this is simply a short-term reprieve. Smarter Bankers are now looking elsewhere, just as in Brexit , a HKexit will be on the way. Singapore benefits, but is curtailed by its size, Japan however, seems to benefit - one would hope it's politicians are Smart enough to see this and make some changes in preparation.... (though that could be wishful thinking).

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What Japanese business people I talk to are asking is: Is this the new America, or will this all pass after Trump is gone. What is the answer?

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Re-think...? The word should be "re-evaluate" and really look at the key word "relationship". There is no real "benefit" for any company or person if the relationship is not "fair" and "balanced" if not "equal".

"Controlled" (by the government) "cheap labor" may give financial rewards to foreign companies, but all such companies "trained" and "educated" and gave up "technologies" if not "skills" and "know-how" to what was once an untrained and unskilled population by the hundreds and thousands. Now they are biting back at those who literally "fed" them.

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GWMay 23  12:22 pm JST

Whats needed, we need to get OUT of China!

Hey Ossan good to see you have finally seen what I have been saying for ages about the Chinese MONSTER!!

Finally? Been saying this for the last 15 years.

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