U.S. reports another Takata air bag death, bringing toll to 33


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How many of their execs were bring to justice in Japan?

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I've received 2 notices about the airbag issue since the recall started in 2019 (for my vehicle), so I find it hard to believe the numbers for the Kentucky situation above. The 2nd recall came over the summer.

I need to get to a dealer and have them fixed. The car has been garaged for 20+ yrs of its life, not left setting in the sun very often. Yes, I'm trying to convince myself this isn't a big deal. OTOH, the review mirror did leak some nasty oil due to overheating early in the vehicle life - perhaps when it was 5 yrs old. The drips stained the center console, eating away at wood and plastic there. Nasty stuff. $400 to get is replaced, so I just buffed it as well as possible.

I don't see this as a criminal issue. It was a design flaw.

Perspective is important. Very few deaths caused for the number of miles driven across millions of vehicles.

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First, don’t get in a crash.

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Takata airbags have also saved 300,000+ lives world wide. One death for every 9,000 lives saved.

So don't pull the fuse for your airbag, as some geniuses State side have been doing. Check the website and get your car fixed if it's on the list. It's quick and free.

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33 isn't really a hugh number and aibags save a lot more lives than they take.

People should be forced to have Takara airbags if they choose to drive.

They could have an airbag passport or something like that on your smartphone and if you don't have them installed you could be refused entry to resturants and cafes and such,

Imagine the logistical nightmare if foreign tourists come to Japan and are involved in an accident and don't have an airbag. They would be taking up valuable space in the already crowded hostital system. Plus they don't even speak Japanese most likely.

In fact, if they don't have an airbag passport at the airport they should have to do a 2 hour driver safety test before allowed into Japan.

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Kaowaiinekochanknaw yes I know you were being satirical but it was laboured, longwinded and lacked punch. 2/10, must do better. :)

Comes of being cheap, if they had used the more expensive but more stable alternative tetrazole this would not have happened

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I didn't buy anything from Takara. There's no visible label with that name either.

The vehicle says, "Acura" on the outside and "Honda" on many parts under the hood. When purchased, it wasn't a cheap vehicle. There have been 3 recalls with the airbags coming long, long, long, after all the others and over a decade after the first recalls for other Hondas. Transmission overheating and a seat belt clasp stopped working.

It isn't like the airbag danger wasn't there the last 20+ yrs.

The car has been in a few minor fender benders. Never sufficient for airbag deployment. You wouldn't believe me. Got hit sitting in parking spaces - twice, years apart, just sitting in the car with the engine off. Bicyclist and a bouncing, loose, tire that left a moving trailer on the road, crossed into the parking lot and went about 20m farther to hit my car.

BTW, the vehicle has never left me stranded anywhere the last 22 yrs, though when the transmission started failing in year 19, it was close. After a good wash and wax, it still looks new and runs excellent.

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In my mind this shows one benefit of the Japanese shaken system to frequently inspect your vehicle.

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Why is this company still allowed to do business?

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One of the problems is with singling out Cars that are impacted. A lot of folks, I guess don't know that they are driving around in a potential Death Crash/Bump machine ... simply posting a recall notice upon a Web site does not help them. They need to be identified, and reached out to.

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simply posting a recall notice upon a Web site does not help them. They need to be identified, and reached out to.

In the US, recall notices come in the mail to the owner on record.

They also make national news, so if you didn't know that your or other, similar, vehicles have been recalled for an air-bag issue, you probably live in the deep back country and don't own a car, a radio, a TV, or get a newspaper.

I knew when the first Honda's were recalled and expected my vehicle to get included ... and for 10 yrs it wasn't, but later model years of my same car were included. When the recall notice came in the mail, it was expected and I was a little disappointed. It wasn't like Honda/Acura didn't know that the airbags in the car were made by Takata.

Putting Takata out of business wouldn't get anyone's airbags fixed and who would take over/buy a business with 20M outstanding vehicle recalls pending?

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