S&P 500 plunges in worst loss of year as U.S.-China trade war escalates


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3% drop is not a plunge. A plunge is 25% or more. So much hyperbole.

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Remember when Trump said trade wars are easy to win? This is what comes from putting a fruit loop in the White House.

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The stock market has been overdue for a sell off, even Warren Buffett has been a net seller of stocks in his latest report.

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it is just one man trump greediness. Those who follows ???.

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There will probably no trade deal with China in 2019, even Trump himself admitted it. They don’t seem to want to deal with him.

Farmers. These guys work to grow food for people around the world but are caught up in a fight over a trade deficit that not one country is responsible for. It’ll be two years in a row. This year’s crop will be without any buyers again. Who is going to pay the industry for cleaning the silos for the rotting products?

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