U.S. suspends solar tariffs, boosts production in clean energy push


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Solar is not sufficient to be a reliable source of energy. The panels have a short life span and cannot be easily discarded. It is expensive and the poor will again suffer. The US energy secretary is involved in solar energy business and so there is clearly a conflict of interest. Destroying fossil fuel energy will bring the world to the dark ages. Only the elites benefit from this.

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if subsidies were removed from this lie of "clean energy", they wouldn't exist.

Wind and solar are expensive, totally inefficient pipe dreams that use the same carbon emission that they purport to save

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No guys solar is the answer!

Coupled with battery storage it becomes usable for all.

I know, I use a battery system in my house

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Solar is part of the solution, not the entire solution. I assume the Chinese makers are being greatly subsidized by the CCP-govt and have been since the beginning trying to completely corner the world-wide market in solar.

Yet China is building nuclear and coal power plants for some reason? They don't believe solar is the only answer.

China ignores climate pledges, tops list in building new coal plants

Looking into where all the parts originate in those other countries is smart too. I get that China is willing to destroy their environment to build an industry. Eventually, Chinese people there will realize that growth at the cost of their environment is a terrible trade-off. I just hope they learn this before too many Chinese babies are born with birth defects. There are multiple reasons that Chinese manufacturing is less expensive, but most are bad for Chinese people in the long term. OTOH, as long as they can make it appear like fantastic growth is happening and the govt doesn't lose "face", then I suppose it is ok there. Plus, some CCP party members will make $billions because the CCP subsidies have to go to someone, right?

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