Used car exports drives pollution to developing world


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Out of sight, out of mind for our waste.

Shame on us for consuming so much.

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The Japanese regularly change cars after 3-4 years-what a waste!

To manufacture a new car causes far more pollution than a second hand car will ever emit.

Used vehicles should only be exported if roadworthy in the country of origin and if not, should be crushed and melted back down.

I have a 17 year old used car which still works fine and will only change it for another used car next year.

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Even in the 70s and 80s I can recall asking why we saw so few "vintage" cars, and being told they were sold to Africa and SE Asia. Sadly, nothing new here. The news would be if/when we stop using gasoline! Ecars are the future!

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To manufacture a new car causes far more pollution than a second hand car will ever emit.

That's not true if the new car gets better fuel economy, or in Europe is a gasoline car replacing a pretend-clean diesel, because PM and NOx kill people. The problem is that most car buyers don't give a monkeys about pollution, so many new cars are no real improvement on what has come before.

I drive a s/h Alphard Hybrid that is 17 years old. I could walk into a dealer today and buy a new minivan with higher emissions. However, it will have angular bodywork and look cool, because that's what sells cars.

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Are you really telling us that producing a car emits less pollution than driving it for its useful life?

I don’t think so...

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Yeah. Poorer countries shouldn't be allowed to have nice things.

Talk about human rights. UN is a monster

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According to this, 77% of the life cycle emissions of a gasoline car are from driving it. Production amounts for 23%. That's three times as many emissions from driving than manufacturing. I doubt more than 20% of the purchase price of a new car is for the energy used in making it.

For hybrids, the split is 61% vs. 39%, meaning that manufacturing is more important but only because driving uses less fuel than a regular car. Total emissions, the most important number, are also likely to be lower.

This 77% number will be an average of course, and some cars will be way more eco to drive than others. For a Hummer, I guess 95% of its emissions will be from driving. A 1970s Civic will be much lower, like a hybrid car.

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Yeah. Poorer countries shouldn't be allowed to have nice things.

Like asthma, cardiovascular illnesses and cancer?

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A lot of cool older cars, a few of which I'd love to own, are being crushed in the name of reduced air pollution. Sigh. Among the three cars I own the oldest one, a 1988 Audi, is by far my favorite to drive. The newer cars leave me cold. And that old Audi tests great every two years when I smog it.

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i cant agree with author of this article.

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