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Veggie 'steak' spared the knife in France


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Better than eating horse meat

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I think the French are right. We need to prohibit calling things what they are not. "Meat-like" on the labels at least as large as every other part of the label would be sufficient.

The battle over milk and cheese has never been solved either. Plants don't make milk. Goats, cows, Camels, woman, and other mammals do - Cetaceans included.

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Veggie steak. LOL

Yet another good joke on JT this morning.

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Such an inferiority complex.

Vegan in reality is all about taking meat out of the food but not out of the mind. Vegan steak, Vegan sausage,…

Plants based foods deserve better. And Soy is not the only plant.

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i just wish non meat produce is more clearly marked.

Some of the labels can be mistaken for meat if not looked at closely.


i got nothing against vegan meat alternatives as i have tried some and found them okay.

i like some of my meat well done (some says cremated) and non meat just not there for me.

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Vegan/vegetarian meat is not meant for those people. It's for nonvegans/vegetarians to get them off real meat.

Non meat products intending to look like meat should be very clearly labeled.

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I find it bizarre that vegans/vegetarians try to copy the name smell, taste etc. of actual meat.

if I were a truly and psychologically a vegetarian/vegan, and it wasn’t something that was just “fashionable”, I wouldn’t go near this stuff.

wallace, it has been like this for many years and has nothing to do with trying to get meat eaters to feel comfortable.

it’s a hypocritical paradox that makes no sense.

”get them of meat”…. Even that phrase is bizarre.

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That’s not kindness, that’s being hypocritical.

and that’s exactly what I said.

if you like the taste of meat, then by your definition, you are not kind.

Own it.

imagine replacing this method of thinking with other “unkind” things and see how that flies…

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This silliness reminds me of occasions about five or six years ago where some US states and the US FDA under the orange jesus attempted to make it illegal to sell any product that wasn't milk from an animal as "milk", with the primary targets being soy and almond milk but would have applied also to oat and coconut milk. A Federal Court ruled in 2018 that no laws are broken calling their product "almond milk".


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