Travel agency H.I.S. to shut third of its outlets in Japan


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No need to use agencies now with direct access...

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Shutter them all.

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My daughter works for JTB in LA. She already has plans to jump ship.

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H.I.S. blows as a company. Overpriced, does great when the economy is booming, but doesn’t really do anyone any real favors, hence why they are falling into the floor. Quickly learning no one feels like they owe them anything.

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Totally useless travel agency and they need to go away completely. Only people I feel for are the ones at the bottom.

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It's likely going bankrupt soon.

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Back in the day I used to use them quite a bit. They offered English service back in the early 90s when many of the other agencies didn't.

They ran into a bit of scandal in the 2000s when they were charging non-Japanese more for the same overseas' tickets than they were for Japanese.

Ever since it's become easy to book flights on cybernet, I've stopped using them and I'm sure they weren't seeing as many customers due to that.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the many agents who are going to lose their jobs. Most I've dealt with were very nice.

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H.I.S. blows as a company. Overpriced

Overpriced and employees are overworked and underpaid. My friend was an H.I.S. manager in the past. She jumped ship and hasn't looked back.

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Last time I used HIS my daughter, on her iPhone, got faster and more accurate ticket information than the HIS employee who actually took her iPhone out to find the correct ticketing before looking it up on the HIS computer system.

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Havent used them in many years. They and their subsidies used to routinely post false fares and charge foreigners more than natives. I'm hardly sympathetic to their current plight.

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Not going to miss HIS. However, there is still a place for good travel agents. Not everybody wants to spend hours online researching and booking fares for multi-stop trips. I use a Japanese agent that is quite good. I give them my parameters, and they come back with a bunch of options. The price is pretty close to what I would have paid myself, and well worth the time and frustration of booking myself online.

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Oh the good old HIS, get ripped off twice by them.

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Booking directly with major airlines is the only smart option. If these agencies go bust before you travel, good luck seeing any refunds. If major national airlines go bust - and they do - there is a good chance of a credit.

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