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Virus hits shipping, spreading global economic strain


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Yep, we're all suffering. Illness, death, fear, inconvenience, and now damage to our economies.

Those 2,400 and more who've died from this damned virus, though, are the ones we should keep front of mind.

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Let this be a lesson to the world: NEVER put all your eggs in one basket.

Always outsource your work to as many different countries as possible.

Actually this is the perfect time for Japan and Taiwan to pick up china's slack. The world would rather pay more for quality Japanese and Taiwanese products than cheap china-nese ones that keep breaking down.

Demand is high now thanks to worldwide shortage. NOW is the time for Japanese , Taiwanese and American factories to get to work.

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Unless this epidemic quickly comes to an end, or a vaccine is found, I fear that things related to the covid epidemic, including the world economy, will get worse before they get better.

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Cleaner air and less overall environmental pollution are the benefits to result from the epidemic-at least there are some benefits...

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Now, the world have to respect China and get things done. Trade is one of the reason not to belittle any country.

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