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Volkswagen revamps its approach in China in bid to overtake upstart EV makers


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How much of Volkswagon technology will stolen by an employee to work for a Chinese rival for a higher salary?

The problem with these startup EV companies is they believe people are going to be clamoring for the newest model each year. Thus, technology will be advancing by light years each season. This is not like people buying the latest smartphone.

Elon Musk insists Tesla isn’t a car company as sales falter


It is still a car company. The EV are more expensive than the average vehicle, come in varying quality (cybertruck), can be easily broken, and are expensive to repair.

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EV companies need to think more like car companies and less like tech companies!

Three top executives at Tesla have resigned in two weeks, with the latest departure at the end of its earnings call


They are trying to use faulty technology as a selling point to be a "tech company" and throwing baby out with the bathwater in the process.

Until the technology works well, provides what they promise in features, and makes life better by adding value; it is just seen as a gimmick!

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She is young and wants to play video games in her car. The digital features of her Zeekr 001, a European-designed electric car from China's Geely Holding Group, appeal to her. She uses her smartphone to help her parents adjust their seats and tells an animated voice assistant to open the window or play music.

“I once sung karaoke in the car when travelling a long way with my family,” she said. "To me, the car is more like an entertainment place. I am a singer.”

Well you shouldn't be let near an automobile then

That has left makers like Volkswagen, which sells about one-third of its cars in China, scrambling to develop new models for a very different market than back home, 

Anyone with experience with the disciplined habits of German drivers and the unlimited speeds allowed on Autobahns outside of urban areas knows that is the understatement of the year.

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One of my recollections of riding in VW taxis in Shanghai was that the Chinese drivers short shifted and lugged the daylights out of their cars. The Germans build engines that need to be revved. They are not happy at low rpm but here was this cabbie in a nearly new Tiguan based taxi making a u-turn in 3rd gear. You could almost count the individual combustion events. I almost wanted to say something but I kept my thoughts to myself. The Chinese don't deserve a proper German car. They don't appreciate it and can't use it as intended, pedal to the metal, with the low speed limits, congestion and photo radar everywhere.

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