VW shares jump, sparking questions over 'mystery' buyer


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Probably the Chinese.

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This just goes to show you lying and cheating will only catch up with you. honesty is the best policy in the long run.

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The “mystery” buyer is possibly employed by Porsche. I don't think investor will risk his or her money on VW. VW will never fix its TDI Diesel engine without power scarified. Owners will take class action law suit at VW and seek compensation. However, they may not be bringing their cars to control emission because the cars will lose significance amount of power and performance.

US authority will be closely monitor how VW has fixed and how many cars were completed. Some said the emission cheating scam will cost VW about US $ 30 billions. Porsche Company was trying swallowing whole VW. The mystery buyer was Porsche Company but no one else.

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VW need s to work really hard to be trust again "Takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently." By Warren Buffett

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Triring: why probably the Chinese, aside from your hatred of them?

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i think that the mystery buyer should be consider as just buyer buoyed by the company executives, they just wanted to improve the reputation , hoping rebuilding the same situation as before cheating,

everyone wonder when the company can recover from the situation moreover it never can fix the problem

It is common the investor are not willingly to cash in on the company invest.

For the reason, I think that the relative people invested the company on the basis of not good reason.

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Um. Who cares about this mystery? If VW can't make its sales targets, then it is going to take billions and billions to keep this stock from sagging. Whoever bought this company has decided to try and catch a falling knife. Good luck to them. Owning 100% of the company will get cheaper and cheaper in the months ahead. People look at it now and say WOW I can get a PE of 6, but when that goes negative, look for owners to run for the exits.

This is why companies in this kind of situation often have what is called a DEAD CAT BOUNCE. Once it becomes clear that VW will not be recovering quickly, people will sell out and wait for better prices... next year.

VW is going lower.

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VW have form on manipulating their own stock.....

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