Wages in Japan see 1st rise in 13 months due to less part-timers


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That’s not good news, less part-time workers means more poverty. And as 40-60% of workers are on contract that’s a huge number of workers earning between ¥100,000 a month and ¥0. Defiantly not good news.

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did the part timers shrink in size? Otherwise the correct English would be fewer part-timers, as they are countable.

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"As the ratio of regular workers increased, overall wages were lifted," a ministry official said.

Now that is some impressive neo-liberal spin, even for the regular feed from Kyodo and the LDP.

"Part-timers/hourly wage worker jobs and income have been virtually wiped out so they are out of the equation. They were keeping the average of wages down in Japan. So wages on average are rising see!"

You could not make up this level of Marie Antoinette cake-eatery.

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Salaries for full time workers dropped. Salaries for part time workers also dropped. But more part-tome workers lost their jobs than full-time workers so the overall average salary increased.

Very creative / optimistic / disingenuous way of interpreting the data by labelling this an increase in any way.

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Very creative spin.

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 Otherwise the correct English would be fewer part-timers, as they are countable.

Not really, not when one considers that even if a person works ONE hour a week, they are considered gainfully employed by the bean counters here. It also does not take into account people who have given up looking for work too!

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Agree with all of the above. Nothing left to say

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The average worker gets 365,804 yen?

This is laughable! My monthly retirement check I get every month until I die, then it goes to my wife is more than that! And I retired after only 14 years of work!

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Less part timers = Full timers are working overtime.

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ChiaPet can you explain which pension system you are on? I am guessing you're not in Japan. Unless you invested like crazy for those 14 years and are replying on your own savings/investments, this doesn't make sense. Anyway, please do elaborate. And Mods: don't delete the reply!

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You've got to be kidding me. They are celebrating a rise in wages due to part time workers being laid off so full time worker salaries dragged the numbers up. Wages haven't grown at all. It simply means more people are unemployed.

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Very creative spin.

Ha ha ha!

It's like saying unemployment is very low because there are lots of people who work at least one hour per week.

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Wow. It's like they really don't care about part-timers. And nominal wages for both full-time and part-time fell. Nothing good about that. But, somebody from the Ministry of Truth managed to come up with this whopper of a headline. Misleading.

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Spin spin spin from the LDP wing!

The level of lies is no surprise!

They lie through their teeth..

And we all sigh in disbelief..

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did the part timers shrink in size? Otherwise the correct English would be fewer part-timers, as they are countable.

Both "less" and "fewer" are acceptable. Good enough for these writers. English is a far richer language than pedants would have us believe.

Watson, if it should ever strike you that I am getting a little overconfident in my powers, or giving less pains to a case than it deserves, kindly whisper 'Norbury' in my ear, and I shall be infinitely obliged to you.

(Arthur Conan Doyle)

It is the first anniversary of the happy marriage of Mr and Mrs Lammle, and the celebration is a breakfast, because a dinner on the desired scale of sumptuosity cannot be achieved within less limits than those of the non-existent palatial residence of which so many people are madly envious.

(Charles Dickens)

For instead of saying that employers pay less wages, which might pin the employers to some moral responsibility...

(GK Chesterton)

The poor devils round the bridge spent much of the daytime cowering in the little man-holes they had scooped in the side of the trench. But there were less casualties than might have been expected, and the barricade rose steadily...

(George Orwell)

Who are we who dare lay this ban of terror on a people? Have we less vices than they have, that we bring them to the bar of judgment before us?

(Oscar Wilde)

This modern traveller describes it all in less words than Marco Polo would have used paragraphs on such a striking occasion.

(Joseph Conrad)

And for a deft combination of the two in one sentence:

We had succeeded in buying less clothes, less food, and fewer luxuries; in fact we had succeeded in everything except in saving money.

(F. Scott Fitzgerald)

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Even monkeys, as they say here, fall from trees. ; )

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Did I miss something here? Paid overtime?

my partner regularly does overtime, but never “paid”

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I have a multimillion pension from the US...This is not even my own investment. It can also be called "compensation", if you will. And it's alot of compensation. I do live in Japan. However Japan's pension system is a complete joke. I don't want anything from the joke of a system and will never apply, even though I can.

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Who in their right senses still believe reports issued by bureaucrats. Sorry, I don't.

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The average monthly wages for full-time workers fell 0.3 percent to 365,804 yen and those of part-time workers dropped 0.8 percent to 96,350 yen, the data showed.

Is it before or after tax ?

If it is, then the take home will be less than 200K JPY.

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@ Chiapet a bit like the U.S ( unfair) exrtortionately expensive health care system( a failure in every way!)then eh.

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With that philosophy, you may as well let the virus run rampage and save on the pension shortfall.

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wow, an extra 500 or 600 yen a month.... great news

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This means more shadow employments (Temporary plus slavery condition).

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nice propaganda,silly and annoying one same time...

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Where are these "rising wages?" Not from what I see.

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This excludes the twice-yearly bonuses for those who get them, so the top 35 or 40% will get more.

However, average wages are at the 70th percentile, so the majority will get less than whatever the average is claimed to be.

In short, these numbers are largely meaningless.

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Stop trolling. The mods have already deleted your fake news once. Next will be a

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(kokuminnenkin is limited...not kyousai nenkin nor kakyu nenkin, but kakyunenkin is related to a spouses age.)

ChiaPetToday 05:33 pm JST

@/kyakusenbi_arimasu is full of lies. lol

(kokuminnenkin...not kyousai nenkin nor kakyu nenkin)

As of 2019, the maximum annual payment is limited to ¥780,100 (approximately ¥65,000 per month), which assumes that you have contributed to the system for the full 40 years (Japan Pension Service).

But it appears my comment is gone because it has nothing to do with wages and income according to some jealous person overseeing our concerns and definitely on topic.

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Can someone break down a Japanese wage for me, and how you are paid..bonuses, etc.

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Even monkeys, as they say here, fall from trees. ; )

Not those monkeys, and not that tree. The usage is correct, as they and their editors knew.

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Well... this news story is a load of...

Companies ditch their temporary staff, due to lack of business, and give a small payrise to the core staff, who have to work longer hours onsite and commute in even more cramped trains....

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As I have stated before in the past, the Numbers game in Japan, when it comes to Employment in Japan, does not reflect reality.

When you become unemployed, you have (depending upon your last job longevity), 3 to X months of unemployment visits to the local Job center, thereafter you drop off the statistics.

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Chiapet, I got it! Lucky you to have those millions in pension payouts. But for most of us, we'll have to rely on the modest pension, whatever that will be. Of course, doing some investing but can't see it getting to a million dollars unless take significant risk.

And Chiapet, breaking down wages is difficult since it depends on what industry and contract you're on. But basically, paid monthly with between 3-6 month "bonus" (which is actually just deferred salary), at around half in summer and half in winter. So for example, think of total yearly salary ÷ 18 (if getting 6 month "bonus"). Salary divided into 12 monthly payments + 1 x 3 month bonus + 1 x 3 month bonus. But 6 is highly unusual and most just get 3 month or in many cases no bonus, especially parttime workers, contract workers, etc.

Total deductions (including pension payments, health insurance, taxes) works out at about 20% (for me at least). But then you have indirect consumption tax at 10% on goods purchased.

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