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Wall St bounces back after two-day Brexit rout


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This is how to make money folks, create artificially scare, buy everything and wait until people realize there was nothing to be scared about.

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@kibousha: Well said. Unlike the good old days. in internet age often you have to create your own market using the media propoganda and make quick money out of it. The US election campaign is another such ongoing process. BBC and CNN are leveraging their prominence in global news arena to exploit this to the fullest.

Business wise global markets are slowly getting saturated. Technology is replacing humans worldwide. Wars are not that common anymore.

So the easiest way to make money, for the very few in the community, is to keep kicking and shaking the stock markets time and again with such media propoganda. I won't be surprised if there are few other Brexit, Mixit and Fixit propoganda marketed by the global media in future.

For change of mood of the news audience, few other flavours of similar propoganda's are Zika, Swine flu, Mad cow virus epidemic's spread. If you beam any news 24 hours a day then even the average issue starts appearing like a catastrophic problem. Sometimes I even believed that the world will soon come to an end when I watch these news time and again.

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Brexit has a almost similar case in Singapore separation from Malaysia in 1965. Malaysia was much bigger then, and most were expecting Singapore to fall to the ground. But the reverse was true in due time after the initial hysteria.

UK will be much more competitive and flexible, while EU will remain the big fat elephant. Strategically buy Pound and sell Euro. Study Singapore dollar history versus Malaysia Ringgit.

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Gee, and here we were told that the Brexit means the sky is falling and the universe collapsing....

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Gee, and here we were told that the Brexit means the sky is falling and the universe collapsing.

whereas, only rain was falling....and still raining (!)

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Brokers are calling it "A dead cat bounce".

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