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Walmart expands abortion coverage for employees


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Great !!..

Sorry medievals..

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I think I know this place.. this shop.. it is the place featured on People Of Walmart website, right?

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Good for Walmart and all these other companies. If it helps some of their employees facing financial problems due to having to travel for this procedure - excellent.

Women's bodies - women's choice.

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While I don't think abortion is right in the very vast majority of cases, I think applying Bill Clinton's motto would be a reasonable compromise between both sides of this issue. "Abortion should be safe, legal and rare".

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Another business to boycott.

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As a non-American, the strange thing to me is that the employer gets to determine medical coverage for its employees.

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Today 07:44 pm JST 

As a non-American, the strange thing to me is that the employer gets to determine medical coverage for its employees

And the concept of a set number of sick days. If you're sick, don't come to work. Send a doctors note saying how long you'll be out and get better. Don't make everyone else sick. The flu, covid, etc doesn't stop just because you ran out of sick days. Are americans that silly?

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It appears from this that Walmart may not support elective abortion, so they are implementing a 'soft ban' on abortion for their staff in 'hard ban' areas.

'Soft ban' - no elective abortions. 'Hard ban' - abortions only in very limited circumstances or none at all.

So Walmart appear to be coming down on the side of Trump's Republican party, tacitly supporting the ban on 'elective', but may end up falling foul of the law in 'hard ban' areas.

Companies offering support for elective abortions are coming down on the side of the Democrats, but may have legal issues in Republican states.

If you think you or a dependent might ever want an elective abortion, you would be better off moving out of a Republican state before any migration affects property prices, not least because the laws may tighten to prevent medical tourism.

It is remarkable for employers to be expected to support their staff if they wish to move out of state for something they cannot legally do where they live. You would expect people to move to another state and live under a regime they were legally comfortable with. Most refugees from the developing world are willing to risk their lives to escape regimes that criminalise their choices. It seems Americans prefer to stay where they are and expect to be given free flight tickets by their employer as and when they need to dodge local laws. I don't think the penny has dropped for many Democrats of how much of a threat Trump's Republicans now pose to their way of life, should they win the next election and take full control of the US.

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…now cover abortion for employees “when there is a health risk to the mother, rape or incest, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or lack of fetal viability.”

Why would a mother need an abortion for a miscarriage? In a miscarriage, the pregnancy has already ended.

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Haven't shopped at a Walmart in years, and don't plan on going back.

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Abortion wouldn't be a issue if the father of the unwanted pregnancy had to be neutered!

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Abortion wouldn't be a issue if the father of the unwanted pregnancy had to be neutered!

Dont you mean "had been"

It shouldnt be about abortion. It's about women's right to choose. But far too many have been brainwashed to forgetting that point.

Just like your comment here, getting a vasectomy should be a personal choice, but the way you write about it, guys should have that right to choose either.

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Yubaru, you didn't read my post correctly! I do agree a woman has the right to choose. What I said wasn't a man having a vasectomy, I said neutered. There's a huge difference.

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Walmart is a store,that you can find anything,you need,but a cashier,they have sometime only 4 cashier on the floor,with a store size of two football field

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