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War on Christmas? Starbucks cups cause social media outcry


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First world problems*

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Storm in a coffee cup.

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I don't understand what all the hum bub is all about. PC? Christians calling blasphemy for not celebrating Christmas?

Really some people should educate themselves on why December 25th is chosen and why Christmas trees are decorated in the first place. They should also study why Santa's outfit is red.

Boy the average American's knowledge on Christian religion is as bad as IS's knowledge of the Quran。

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Religions are never satisfied. I prefer these cups over the plain white ones though.

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Triring I had heard that it (Dec. 25th) came from Mithras. Wherever I heard it, it was Quite Interesting. I agree whole-heartedly with your sentiment. Not that I agree with Trump or anything, but I've been boycotting Starbucks for years. Gimme Excelsior or Tully's any day.

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Sometimes when I'm feeling the creeping effects of delayed culture shock and homesickness, upset at how some things in Japan will never make sense to me, I read news about people back home in the states squabbling over classy red minimalist Starbucks cups not being Christmastastic enough, and I remind myself that America doesn't make any sense either sometimes... For the record, I like the cups, and like the way they look with the cardboard collars that have a ring of snowflakes.

Also, imho, the whole argument that saying "Happy Holidays" is "taking of religion out of the Yuletide season" is absurd. Rather, it's honoring other religions and cultures by not treating Xmas as the only holiday of importance in December....

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The more we take Christianity out of Xmas, the better.

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Simple solution, abolish all existing holidays since someone is bound to be offended.

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People really get mad at the dumbest things... I think it looks quite tasteful and festive, and you can take off the band if festive is not your thing and keep the red cup.

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Nothing to see here - the syrup vendors hijacked Christmas decades ago.

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"And a group called Faith Driven Consumer urged people to go to Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme instead."

I guess they forgot about the complain that Christmas has become too commercial. How is putting up Christmas decorations for money but not believing in god any better in their books?

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Unfortunately arcadius beat me to the punch. Having read this "story," I feel that somebody has robbed me of two minutes of my life.

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"But some religious conservatives..." There you go, if you start to listen to the religious nuts (be they Catholic, Muslims or whatever), then you won't be able to do, say, or think anything in this world...

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This kind of nonsense is more and more typical of America, which is a shame as She's such a great nation in so many ways. The 25th of December is Christmas Day, whether or not you're a Christian. If a Jewish person said "Happy Hanukkah" to me, I wouldn't be offended in the slightest. I'd be happy to be included.

Why all this obsession with petty slights and litigation?

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Kit Yarrow at the end of the article gets my vote.

Quote: "A lot of people are really just constantly on the lookout for some vehicle to express anger and dissatisfaction, and this is the vehicle du jour,” she said.

Often the problem is so middle-of-the-road that some people go nuts fighting over their opinions.

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Saying Merry Christmas or having garish or plain cups is fine. However, if Starbucks played the Johnny Mathis outrage 'When a Child is Born' or similar atrocities while I was having a cup of coffee, I'd be angrier than Trump.

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Personally, I think some of this controversy comes from the fact that for many of the World War II and Baby Boom generations, the solid red color is also associated with Communism (go look at the flag of the People's Republic of China and the former Soviet Union--it's solid red with yellow-colored symbols on it). For the Generation X, Generation Y and Millenial generations, they don't make the association so easily, and as such feel far less offended (if at all).

In short, Starbucks unintentionally caused controversy because they didn't realize the association of the solid red color with Communism that people over 50 understand.

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B.F.D. Red, green, blue, silver, or gold cups. Makes no difference. Bring your own tumbler and shut it.

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As long as I can get some good Potato Latkes for Hanukkah, I do not care how many people say Merry Christmas to me.

Can't wait to see the rising of Jesus from the dead cups for Bunny Day. They can be done tastefully if you think about it.

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Its not wise to worry about hairloss when one is suffering from cancer.

In other words:

Starbucks is the most expensive coffee chain across the world.

Lets not focus on the size,colour and shape of the paper cup.

Rather focus on why the coffee is so expensive compared to its contemporary coffee chains.

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No matter what anyone does someone will always be offended. I mean boycotting a company that is trying to look out for all of their customers? Things like this however is just taking to way to far.

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Here's a side-by-side designs of the Starbucks Christmas cup from last year and this year:


2015 on the left; 2014 on the right.

It's hardly different!

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Here's one woman's response:


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