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Weak demand leaves Asia's factories in doldrums

By Elias Glenn and Stanley White

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There is only one world. Leaving most of mankind on a low substaining level will not help industrial output. But then the mechanisms to lift the lower say50% are poor.

The innovation coming out of Eastasia has so far been rather selfish means not upto the ET level ( yes thats Spielberg or Zuckerberg).

Its not business as always but there is need of paradigm shift. Something like not Shinkansen but Superloop.

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The world is full of cheap plastic throwaway crap-there is only so much of it that we need.....

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And when will Japan address non-performing loans? Banks in Japan continue to carry dead beat and non-performing loans on their accounts without calling them in or foreclosing on them. Lets put it this way.... if you have a decent paycheck.... go to the bank and borrow as much money as you can for a new house..... then... don't bother to pay the mortgage. Japanese banks don't foreclose and sell the properties.... and it they finally do it takes years.

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America, the number 1 consumer nation, is also the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. That's only counting Treasury Bonds. Forget about over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities and personal debt. When the largest customer has over 94 million people, the largest in history, not participating in the labor force, and over 40 million on food stamps, rents rising over 8% per year, what disposable income is left for imports?

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