Weak U.S. dollar means unexpected bargains for foreign tourists

By Peter Szekely

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non story.  how is a move from 113 to 109 a "slide".

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Hardly any significant change.

Euro for instance had reached 170 yens once if I remember well. That was a change.

Otherwise it is just standard fluctuations.

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yes $ peaked at 115.1 in Jan with a low of 108.4 in April, now its around 110. trading in a 6% range all year, another slow news day for the economists.

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Doubt that their Credit Card US$:Yen rate changed at all... probably even went against them ...

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You better not to use Credit card if you're going to overseas holiday and shopping trip because the exchange rate doesn't matter at all once you received bank statement. I always bought traveler cheque wherever I go abroad. I only use Credit card in emergency case and where I can't cash in for traveler cheque or cash shortage.

I used to buy gifts and other goods with Credit card very long time ago but I found out the goods are very expensive in Aussie dollar when I got Visa card statement from the Citi Bank. Thus, I stop using Credit card when I was in abroad.

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