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Weird but cute: Japan's capsule toys play big in internet age

By Natsuko Fukue

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Borders on child porn and illegal in several countries

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Referring to the first image

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I use them to hold USB or other cords.

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"When I see something I want, I keep on turning the crank until I get it," said Shota Makita, a 23-year-old careworker on the hunt for a fun toy.

Sucker! The popular toys are very few making fools put heaps of money through them "on the hunt for a fun toy" It's no different to those stupid crane game machines. The pressure on the jaws is set so they do not have enough power to pick up the good prizes, only the junk ones, again making fools put more money in. "A fool and his money are easily parted!"

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And that is the reason why many don't use the machines but hit shops that sell sets or individual items.

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Fuchico OL-chan is so attractive, their silly poses are adorable

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Borders on child porn and illegal in several countries

Christ, give it a rest already. Don't you people get tired of policing the world with your needless sjw crap? Surely it must get tiring.

It's harmless little plastic toys, no relation to any kind of porn. Give it a rest, you might find you enjoy life a bit more.

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