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Wendy's reopens in Japan on Tuesday


Wendy’s Japan will reopen its first restaurant on Tuesday in Omotesando in Tokyo (located at 5-chome Jingumae).

Wendy’s/Arby’s International Inc and Higa Industries Co Ltd, a successful food importer and distributor based in Tokyo, have signed a joint venture agreement to develop and operate Wendy’s restaurants in Japan.

Higa Industries is led by Ernest Higa, who owned and operated 180 Domino’s Pizza stores in Japan before selling the business in February 2010. A pioneer of the Japanese home delivery market, Higa’s stores became known for gourmet pizza products and the use of the Internet and wireless technology to promote menu items and enhance the customer ordering experience.

This is the first joint venture for Wendy’s/Arby’s International. In December 2009, Wendy’s did not renew its franchise agreement with its former franchisee for Japan, resulting in the closure of 71 restaurants.

The re-launching of Wendy’s will promote a new “Japan Premium” concept, providing premium products and service that exceed the expectations of customers with delicate palates. Thus, Wendy’s will introduce four types of “Japan Premium” products only available in Japan, including the “Foie Gras Rossini” with original foie gras terrine, along with an upgraded line of long-awaited classic products, including Dave’s Hot-n-Juicy hamburgers, premium chicken sandwiches, “Garden Sensations” entrée salads, chili and Frosty.

Wendy's Japan plans to open 100 stores in the next five years.

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Wonders if they will reopen the store in Koza?

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I wish them success...and at least 1 store in Nagoya!

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Get thee to Sapporo and break the McClowns iron grip.

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There were two in Nagoya before they closed. I hope they open one in Nagoya station this time

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This is good news for burger eaters.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

I don't need premium gimmicks like foie gras. I just want a good burger on a proper bun. The bun is always the achilles heel of fast food.

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Your will like the new Dave's burger, it has led to Wendy's moving up to second place in American sales. There was a Wendy's around the corner from my hotel in my 4 visits to Tokyo, sometimes you just need something familiar.

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Glad Wendy's is returning. I enjoy their fries and Frosties. As for GG2141's comment above, Hokkaido's Lucky Pierrot does have some great french fries, and although its hamburgers are "heavy," they do taste good ... GG2141, you're lucky to be in Hokkaido ... but you can keep the snow up there ... And maybe you'll get a Wendy's, too.

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As long as you still have chili cheese fries, you have my business!

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Hurry up and reopen a couple in Osaka, one in Kobe, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and other big cities to spread the wealth a little. I'd love a Wendy's burger right now.

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I just want a proper bowl of Chili.

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Will they do square burgers like in the US?

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As much as I like Wendy's, this “Japan Premium” campaign doesn't sound good. Sounds like a way for them to charge ridiculous prices for what will amount to "Wendy's" food

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Yes come on back to Okinawa!!!

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