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Wendy's to open 2nd Japan restaurant in Roppongi on Aug 17


Wendy’s Japan will open its second restaurant in Roppongi on Aug 17. The store will be located on Roppongi-dori opposite TGI Friday's.

Wendy's relaunched in Japan opposite Omotesando Hills last Dec 27, two years after exiting the market.

Wendy’s/Arby’s International Inc and Higa Industries Co Ltd, a successful food importer and distributor based in Tokyo, signed a joint venture agreement to develop and operate Wendy’s restaurants in Japan. Higa Industries is led by Ernest Higa, who owned and operated 180 Domino’s Pizza stores in Japan before selling the business in February 2010.

This is the first overseas joint venture for Wendy’s/Arby’s International. Wendy’s Japan plans to open 100 stores in the next five years.

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Great, wendys is about 150 times better than mcd's and those other weak attempts at burgers. Atleast a decent burger will now be available before partying in the pongi.

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Agree w/ ExportExpert, but have you been to the new Wendy's in Omotesando? Not nearly as good as it used to be and now double the price. Their high-end approach was a mistake. Very disappointed.

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Yeah it got more expensive and they changed too much, should have got the basics right before getting fancy, but still, at least it's wendys. better than mcd's.

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So I guess they quit trying to beat McD and are off to win in the niche market=higher in price, full of gaijins.

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Not pre-srink but square burger post drink could be nice. competition for the kebab van and the chicken guy (tho' he apeears to have gone recently).

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Glad I don't have to worry anymore aout counting the number of Wendy's on two fingers and how they screwed up the menu and pricing.

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Maybe chicken guy and me keeping different hours now (getting old, getting old). Kebab shops all ok but van still the best. Anyhoo, can now add Wendy's to the post cocktail buffet.

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They couldn't kick Burger King out of the place where they were before on B1F under the Bird Garden flower shop at Roppongi Crossing, so they're moving in around the corner!

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I stopped eating this "junk" years ago.

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I liked the old-time Wendy's before it closed shop here in Japan. Haven't been able to get to the new one at Omote-Sando yet ... but from what I have read from above (redsac & telica & herefornow) I'd probably be unhappy. Higher prices, an altered menu and lower-class food don't sound all that good ...

Anyway, Roppongi is a little closer, so maybe I can make it to the new Wendy's outlet some day and see what's going on first-hand ...

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I'm so tired of McCrap, I guess we have to wait another 5 years before Wendy's comes to Fukuoka. Why must we always be last to get everything! Heck,we don't have any BK!

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"I'm so tired of McCrap"

Yet ya keep eatin' it, ha ha!

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This is the first overseas joint venture for Wendy’s/Arby’s International.

When will we get an Arby's?!

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There was an Arby's in Shibuya years ago. The Japanese just aren't into roast beef sandwiches.

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I phoned Wendy's HQ several times (politely) to complain to the management that their French fries were soggy to the point of inedibility. "It's fast food for cryin' out loud," I said. "How hard can it be to deep fry potatoes properly?" Don't think they ever got them right.

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The most important thing for them to win is that hamburgers should taste as same as it used to be since most of lovers of Wendy's should put the priority on the taste..which differs from the Mac. It's a kind of branding. If the taste is nearly same, most of funs should willing to pay for expensive hamburgers.

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Well last year Aomori opened its first Starbucks in the prefecture, time to be another first. Lots of Americans are drooling at the prospect of a Wendy's opening locally. But the Japanese reading this, you folks think Mos Burger is good? Wait until you taste Wendy's....

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