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Forecasters raise expectations for U.S. economy in 2024


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No sitting president want to go into an election year with a failed economy. 

The economy is strong:

Stock market today: Wall Street edges back from its record heights


Biden keeps creating jobs:

U.S. Job Growth Surges

The labor market added 353,000 jobs in January, far more than expected, in a sign that economic growth remains vigorous.


The people feel it:

US CB Consumer Confidence Index rises to a two-year high of 114.8 in January


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Meanwhile the US debt is at all time highs!

Implosion imminent…

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math not difficult, about 2% net US GPD growth projected, but approx. 8% of GDP based upon projected Govt. deficits. Real GDP shrinking in US, Japan, Europe, etc., just money printing to create illusion of GDP growth.

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Don't believe the hype all of a sudden the economy is resilient, let me see is it because of the upcoming US election. No sitting president want to go into an election year with a failed economy. Food prices and the cost of goods and service is still high and US citizens are in credit card debt up to the anus. Someone is cooking the books and the mASS media is printing these falsehoods.

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Good news but also due to massive Govt. fiscal stimulus and money supply growth, which leads to more inflation. US deficit spending will be b/w 8-10% of GDP this year.

Have not seen such high deficit spending in times of low unemployment, clearly consumer under pressure and its ONLY Govt. keeping GDP technically growing.

Why US Treasuries are falling in price, due to investors demanding higher rates of return. Likely means US stock market will struggle moving forward, air pocket building etc.

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