With luxury Acura makeover, Honda aims for brand survival, China revival

By Norihiko Shirouzu

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I own a 2002 Acura RSX Type-S. When a Honda Civic passes me going the other way, I often have to look twice to see that it's not another RSX. As in right now, today. 13 years after my car was made, probably 15 years after it was designed. Acuras look boring. They look like Hondas. There's nothing distinctive or attractive. I'm sure they're great cars, but there are lots of great cars now. Acura does absolutely nothing to stand out.

This is not rocket science. Hire Pininfarina. Hire Bartone. Hire somebody who knows how to design a car that looks as exciting as the performance Honda puts in Acuras.

And while they're at it..... can we PLEASE have a sport coupe again? Not the NSX -- one that people can afford. The Integra and RSX were fantastic cars. The absence of a successor is a gigantic hole in the model line.

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Acura should go back to the old style like the Integra or RS, they were pretty amazing cars.

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The Acura in the last decade or so has been lackluster. They need to stop making Acuras an expensive version of Hondas.

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Developing a new high-end sports vehicle is not the way to revive your business Honda! Why would you waste so much time and money on developing a vehicle for a very small niche market? It doesn't make economic sense at all!

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Why would anyone pay more for brand that's a gussied up Honda cars?

If you want luxury, you go with BMW, Benz, and Audi. Acura? It's really a more expensive version of Honda cars.

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Acura? It's really a more expensive version of Honda cars.

Same with Lexus . . . its just a "glorified" Toyota.

If you want luxury, you go with BMW, Benz, and Audi.

Totally agree.

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I miss my Acura Legend Coupe - it was a sweet ride …

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I don't like any of the Acura vehicles. They look too much like a Honda. They completely ruined the TL. Wasn't this their top seller at one point? They need to get it together styling wise. That's the main problem. Who wants to drive around in an ugly car?

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Does she come with the car?

Actually, in all seriousness...does she come with the car?

OK, OK...for real...we own a 2006 TL. An ideal blend of luxury, practicality, and performance plagued with poor reliability. the 2006 model is distinctively good-looking too. I have 69,000 miles (110,000km) on the vehicle and have already spent more than $5,000 on repairs. I need a transmission reboot too, which will cost up to $1,500. I am a believer in superior reliability of Honda cars and suppose that our car's poor reliability is a bit of an outlier.

I view Acura as a budget luxury brand -- an upgraded Honda. And that's fine with me for I am happy to have the substance and not pay up for pretense.

I would purchase another Acura.

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Honda cars are good quality cars but they are boring design and technology. Honda is capable to do more than what the Company was doing today. If you look at Honda cars' model line up and then there's no much new and lack in rear wheel drive cars. Peoples want Honda rear wheel drive sport cars but Honda has producing front wheel drive sport cars. Also Honda cars' design is boring and lack in Engine power. Honda Company needs to change its direction and need to speed up in Model reform. Also, Honda went back to Formula One is worst decision ever Honda made. Honda should invest that Formula One money in Honda cars' new design and new Models. Also US $ 50 a year on driver Alonso is totally wasting because there are many talented and fasted drivers who are better than Alonso in Formula One even Kamui Kobayashi can beat Alonso in same powered car. Formula One is nearly dead and not everybody is watching F1 race today like 5 years ago. So Honda must change its direction and invest in its cars' design and new model rear wheel drive Family size luxury model and sport model.

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