With U.S. absent, world's exporters turn attention to China

By Kelly WANG, Dan Martin

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And we all know that China does not import much from the States because of high import duties.

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And conversely China exported masses of plastic goods to the US which Americans are easily able to manufacture

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Perhaps the author doesn't understand how free economies work. Free trade or generally all trade with America are through the companies and individuals in America Not the, US government. Dozens if American companies like caterpillar and honeywell were present at the expo and that is who would be traded with. The US government itself really has no reason to be there because the American government doesn't participate directly in economic activity. So the article is a bit false, America was represented, the America that matters when it comes to trade and the government has no relevant reason to be there

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The United States is taking major risks by acting in ways that are not cooperative with China on trade, and acting hostile towards China as it builds and expands its Silk Road and Belt initiatives.

The United States Government has a lot of ways that it influences trade. The US Commerce Department and State Department agencies regularly participate in trade discussions and lead trade missions of government officials and companies to foreign nations.

One of the primary missions of the US military is to protect international trading and operations of US Multinational Corporations.

Even President Trump gets involved in negotiating some Federal contracts.

To ignore an important conference like this one, at a time when Trump is insisting that China buy more from the US, is counter productive and unfriendly.

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