Woman finds dental material in McDonald's Japan burger


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The good news just keeps rolling in for McDonalds,,,

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Sorry, but why are people still eating there?

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It is likely the material was not introduced during the local preparation process; however, McDonald franchises use pre-formed paddies for their burgers.

This second dental discovery leads me to speculate at what, exactly, these paddies are made from.

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Actually, this article is about something that supposedly happened in September. Just shows how people like to jump on the bandwagon.

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So many good foods out there and people choosing Mc-D?

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seems like somebody in charge of making sure those inedible bits dont make it in the burgers is slacking off ....

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ummmm is anyone else thinking someone fell into one of these machines in China that makes these burgers and you're not just eating beef.

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Sounds like a copycat filler to me.

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They should introduce a Japanese 歯ハンバーガー (ha baaga), claim it is a Japan only one off for a limited period, charge extra and the folks will come flocking in to buy them.

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maybe good to spread some golden teeth in

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Is Mc Donald's using Soylent Green for it's burgers?

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Walk past, it is that simple.....This company has nothing but contempt for its customers.

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I still don't understand why so many Japanese people go to MacDonald in Japan when the country make one of the most delicious food!!!!!!!!!!

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It appears McDonald's do not care where they source their products from, despite what they say. Just churn out the stuff, keep costs low and to hell with customer safety and hygeine. Why people still continue to eat their food is baffling, there are plenty of fast food choices in Japan.

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Is Mc Donald's using Soylent Green for it's burgers?

McSoylent Green. They don't want anyone ripping off the trademark.

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Unhappy Meal.

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way too suspicious at this point. sounds like cases McDonald's has two types of cases here: a} Intentional Tampering to destroy their business and B} MeToo Tampering from people who want the 15 seconds of fame from the news crew.

though what happens in Japan will not affect other countries- it does have the potential to drive McDonald's from the Japan market. and trust me - they very much care how they source the food no matter where they have a store.

So if they have high standards in one country - the standards for Japan must be through the roof,

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Open an X File: the tooth is out there.

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It is likely the material was not introduced during the local preparation process; however, McDonald franchises use pre-formed paddies for their burgers.


You mean people from Ireland?

So that's what the human tooth fragment was!

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I might eat at McDonalds once or twice a year.... this news would not deter me.

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This could become an even bigger problem in the future with the growing number of old people and them losing their teeth.

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Before we jump the gun, who knows it could of been material from the woman's own teeth, I mean, she's eating McDonalds, it can't be good for you tobegin with, even though the person has denied that being the case, we don't have all the details yet.

As with news in the US, there are people willing to jump on the bandwagon for some publicity. Let's wait and see for the investigation.

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How do they know it was not the customer's dental filling? Oh yeah, it could not be the customer's because Japanese people don't go to the dentist so it must have been one of the gaijin factory workers filling. LOL

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Dimes to donuts it was bone chips, which is not unheard of in ground hamburger or ground pork. Unpleasant, but a lot less of a yuck factor than "dental material." Unless the health department was called in and some sort of forensic expert examined the material, the composition of the "additive" is hearsay. And as the JNP force doesn't even have forensics people, I rather doubt that any of the local health departments do either.

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Sourcing food from 3rd world countries means that these mistakes will continue. We'll be finding dead bodies in our food next!

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copycat this is the country's big problem originality

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Justa another. Lottrria is better though. Whos thAT

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The article says dental, but does not specify human. My guess is it was a fragment of old moo cow tooth.

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