Women bear the brunt of virus fallout in workplace

By Véronique DUPONT

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What the article fails to mention is the fact women choose employment in these sectors, remember when the Global Financial Crisis was in full swing in 2008/09 men were more likely to be left unemployed due to their preference to work in the finance and construction sectors, there were media articles back then women bragging about how were holding up the economy.

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It's naive to think society can just close schools and it won't affect people or that it won't affect some people more than others.

A pandemic like this qualifies as extraordinary times, so I accept that people's lives are going to be disrupted. These are the "rainy days" you are supposed to save for. However, the pandemic has exposed that lots of people even in rich countries are vulnerable and have little resilience in their lives. This means that when a government messes up its pandemic response, like the UK has big time, it can have big consequences beyond just the high death count.

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