Women in 15 nations need spouse's OK to work


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And husbands in many, many nations need their spouse's OK to do something as innocuous as go for a beer after work or join the company soccer team! ^_^;

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All the posters railing about SAHMs on this site (in a country where women have free choice, even if it's not the choice they approve) ought to do something about these countries. These nations are the real problem.

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I thought this was an interesting take on the subject -

working women said according to Islam and Saudi customs, it is supposed to be the job of men to support the household

Private sector employee Ala claimed he was forced to divorce his wife due to her workaholic nature. “For about five years, she was a failure in fulfilling her responsibilities as a housewife due to her insistence to continue working. She always came home tired and insisted that I hire a maid.

“The husband is supposed to bear the entire expenses of his family. If his wife wants to work and is ready to pay a certain expense like the salary of the maid, then it is nice if the couples mutually agreed to such an arrangement,” he said, adding that a husband has no right to compel his wife to share the burden of household expenses.

Interesting that the solution to housework is not that the husband does his share, but that the wife hires a maid.

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This information is appalling, and bodes very poorly for the next generations of women, as nothing continues to be done. And yet so many people consider the struggle for women's rights a done deal, boring, a bit of a joke. Tell that to your daughters when they are old enough to answer back.

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Only 15?

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Interesting that the solution to housework is not that the husband does his share, but that the wife hires a maid.

Interesting that so-called women's work in general is not indispensable ... just easily outsourced. Not so the breadwinner/s. Personally I wouldn't have any hesitation hiring a cleaner or housekeeper if I felt overwhelmed with housework (not that I ever will be). I'll be working and contributing to society, and I'll be giving a job to someone else who will also be doing the same. Win-win situation.

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Not so the breadwinner

A breadwinner is a substitute for a private income, just as a maid is a substitute for a housewife and daycare is a substitute for a parent.

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