Working from home 'doesn't work for those who want to hustle' - JPMorgan CEO

By Elizabeth Dilts Marshall

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Seems like old fashioned thinking to me but let’s see their results I guess

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Will be interesting to see the employee responses to this- perhaps a lot of turnover could be in the future if other banks see this as a recruiting opportunity for those employees that would like to continue working from home.

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If people are vaccinated and it is possible to return to work, sure I suppose.

Personally I was hoping the one good thing that would come out of this pandemic is widespread acceptance of remote working for people who wish to do so. Except here in Japan, where as an IT worker I haven't done a day of remote work yet.

Still, it would have been nice for it to become a more permanent fixture of the corporate world since the infrastructure had to be set up this last year anyway.

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During the pandemic, there has been an increase in the numbers of cold callers but fortunately, we have a video phone so no need to answer. Always feel sorry for them trying to rake in a crust. But I'm not game.

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Chill out. Just listen to McCoy & the Soul City Symphony

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What does he even mean?

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Bank CEO Jamie Dimon said he wants people back at work because exclusively working from home "doesn't work for young people."

"It doesn't work for those who want to hustle. It doesn't work for spontaneous idea generation. It doesn't work for culture," Dimon said

How could he get every word wrong? That takes talent.

Is he afraid he will no longer to be able to micromanage?

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I agree to the extent that it is difficult for new employees to learn their job if they start teleworking out of college. In any case, his is one opinion, let the other banks innovate and see which model works best. I would imagine that for working mothers, teleworking is a godsend.

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Not does it work if you normally teach a class of 20-35, and have to do it from a cluttered apartment. Those in IT - another story

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He is kind of an interesting guy. Reputation for high octane mornings for those in his building. He reportedly told Bloomberg some years back:

"I always tell people, "There's a book on everyone." I get some of that book before I do anything. If I want to deeply understand someone's reputation, I'll talk to their friends, their former bosses, their peers, and I'll learn a lot about them. I want them to be respected. I want them to give a s - -. Then there are the intangibles: physical and emotional stamina, the ability to confront issues. I can ask all I want about those things, but I also have to see a lot of it.""

I'm sure that anyone working for him - who knew him at all - knew NOT to invest in expensive home office furniture over the past year.

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He's right

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But I hope he also cuts back on the Chinese Nationals in his Corporation too, as that's going to be his next big problem.

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To "hustle" someone used to mean in American slang to SCAM them, to defraud them in some way through lies, intimidation, whatever works. I suspect the 'unintended meaning' in this CEO's statement is that HE cannot feel that sense of POWER that humiliating an underling in person gives him. For a psychopath, seeing fear and anxiety in the face of a person is like seeing someone smile for the rest of us. And Zoom or Line does not allow for that same in person abjectness, face upon the carpet satisfaction or sycophant worship that 'being in the office among MY PEOPLE' might give, notwithstanding what "my people" means in the head of a 'boss'...

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The man is an archaic psychotic control freak with Napolionic delusions. People like him are what gives capitalism a stinking reputation.

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