World's rich floor it in post-pandemic luxury car rush


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Glad to see the rich can still buy their toys ,while the bombs are dropping in yemen

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Yep. More evidence the public health 'problem' is being used as a cover for the ruling elites to further concentrate wealth at the expense of the working class.

I was at the marina yesterday (Arasaki, Yokosuka) chatting with the boss about selling my diesel powered fishing boat (Yanmar EX30) I have not used in years - partially due to hip replacement surgery, partially due to unemployment - underemployment for the last 5 years.

I was shocked, and then not, to hear the pleasure boat market is now experiencing a big boom, as well as the market for vacation cottages in the mountains ... for those who can afford it (mostly big stock-market players).

Like most of the world, the public health policies had driven us into what appears to be a periodical war-time economy of socialism for the rich, austerity for the rest of us.

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The global rebound from the coronavirus pandemic

As G Bush said a decade ago or so, “Mission Accomplished”.

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Where are all the peddlers of the idea that we need lockdowns (and masks even)? where are all the fear mongers that were NOT against closures and economic shutdown? where are all the cowardly impotent people who prefer to corner in fear of a virus less deadly than the flu, with lower (current) odds of dying that car accidents, second\hand smoking or just your everyday cancer, a virus from which 99.9997% of healthy people recover on their own, a virus which a healthy immune system dispenses like is nothing?? These people have been manipulated and handled better that sheep would and just to the benefit of the same upper echelon of always. The eyes cover is never coming off.

I have no sympathy for any of them.

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If you can afford to buy these types of cars that take up more space, make more noise(disturbing neighbours) and create more pollution you should be paying more tax for the privilege, Suga should tax these people rather than blindly increasing consumption tax again..

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I was taking a look to Forbe's list of billionaires and everyone saw a sharp increase in their net worth. Really speaks of how the world is organized these days.

It seems like 2020 was such a wonderful year for rich people.

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Easy to understand why the rich is better off now than 2019, several companies and organizations received tax discounts, subsidies, low or zero interest loans, grants, all to supposedly revive the economy, and it did in many cases, but when all this cash and opportunities come up they take full advantage and they have the right people in place doing all the collecting and tax fillings, unlike the average person.

They are rich because they know when, where, and how to use and manipulate all the chips for their advantage, and that is how they got to where they are. NOT illegal or bad, it's their way of making a living.

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Do rich have time for this??!

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Don't hate the players hate the game! Big money vs. Small money stay in your lane or you might get ran over@!

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China and Vietnam are the biggest winners during the Covid-19 pandemic. No surprise that their elites and middle classes are on the spending spree.

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Don't think it's Foreign entities who are capitalizing upon the current Pandemic, start looking closer at home.....

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