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World economy faces more pain in 2023 after a gloomy year

By Ali Bekhtaoui, Mathilde Dumazet and Jean-Philippe Lacour

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Stop fueling the war,and thing will get back to normal, especially in Europe,they do not have the luxury to keep supporting the moneypit

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World economy faces more pain in 2023 after a gloomy year:

As pandemic continues to rampage unrelentingly (albeit at relatively low ~1% lethal rate), the global economy in 2022 does not appear to revive as fast or as encouraging as anticipated.

Can't hope for a much better 2023..

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The year 2023 is the year of the rabbit and gold.

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All completely avoidable, so thanks but no thanks Mr Biden.

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After the COVID-induced economic crisis of 2020, consumer prices began to rise in 2021 as countries emerged from lockdowns or other restrictions.

Disaster capitalism is the go-to wealth transfer technique continuing on from the pandemic.


Worker misery fuels hyper rentier wealth as more workers fall into true poverty.

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