World gets taste for Japanese gin as exports hit record high in 2021


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There is more of a taste for Japanese whisky but supply is extremely limited unlike gin which does not need to be aged, only flavored.

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In 2021 people worldwide were drinking a lot more due to COVID so any kind of alcohol was in great demand.

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 Japan exported 3,714 kiloliters of gin between January and October in 2021 worth about 2.57 billion yen ($22 million)

Quite high, I guess. But for comparison, the UK consumes about 50 million liters (50,000 kiloliters) of gin per year. In 2019, gin exports from the UK were worth US$872.7m.

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Never tried Japanese Gin before, but with the qualify of the local Whisky maybe it is time to see if the popularity is well founded.

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Kinobi Gin that is distilled in Kyoto is a great tipple.

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