Japan exports fall again as Trump's trade policy threatens economic outlook

By Stanley White and Tetsushi Kajimoto

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Exports contracted again (for the fifth month), yet the economy apparently expanded for the second successive quarter! If we take the exports out of it the rest of the economy must be absolutely booming.

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Our economy was bad pre trump, not sure why the connection..

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trumps plan is to hurt Japan's economy to make the USA look better. For trymp it is all about appearance to his base not facts.

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This is the results of taking side with trump. Trump has no brothers, he has only greed. Japan should consider to join forces with China & other Asian countries plus Europe for trade because other countries are more appreciative of trade with Japan. 2nd world war is over for 73 years. Japan must stop thinking America is big brother, Japan must think of trade to save the economy or stop producing beyond needs to improve their economy.

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Betting all your money on one horse. Who do you blame if you lose?

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So there is a glut of chips out there?

Maybe overpriced smartphones will come down in price then?

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Behind all of this is algorithms making a lot of rich people richer.

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As Trump said: " America First", and to hell with the rest. When will the nations of the world get a backbone and start to isolate the US? Seek other trading partners and sanction the US, put an end to US dictatorship and aggression.

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