China's factory recovery steps up as export, consumer demand grows

By Kevin Yao and Gabriel Crossley

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Don’t believe any of it. Except part of the increased factory output. Under a communist regime, production does not need to be a problem but selling it , is something else. Certainly not abroad.

China’s unemployment keeps growing, “ companies”, major ones default byy the hundreds on loans they never intended to pay back in the first place, and this over real estate, retail, finance ands other businesses categories. China’s economy is a house of cards

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China's factory output recovers on the backs of Uighurs forced labor.

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Don’t believe any of it. Except part of the increased factory output. 

Please don’t make these baseless claims to fool people around.

The International Monetary Fund is projecting China's economy to surge 1.9% by the year's end.

Observers expect China's upward trend to continue well into the new year.

"China will deliver one of the strongest and fastest macro recoveries in 2021 among major economies globally," Goldman Sachs noted in its China outlook report, forecasting a 20% rebound in Chinese corporate profits and staying overweight Chinese equities.

Morgan Stanley has additionally portended China as "solid," with the country's benchmark CSI300 Index is expected to rise to 5,570 points at the end of 2021 in a best-case scenario.

I choose to believe these big financial companies.

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No surprises there. They are the only country able to produce unhindered now by covid.

And because local production of many countries slowed down due to the pandemic they need to source more from outside.

Even in the best of times that source has been China.

This is true whether we like it or not.

Will be glad to be corrected though.

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I choose to believe these big financial companies.

LOL. Nevermind that they have funneled vast amounts of investors funds into China...but not because of great returns, because everyone else, being prudent is not offering anything.

Right at this point in time, I choose to believe my wallet, and it's allergic to Chinese goods.

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This is true whether we like it or not.

Sure, it's true. But spending at the other end is highly emotional, and I do not think China = good emotion at the moment.

IMHO, we're going to see more pain outside China as stores are overstocked with Chinese goods that shoppers have an aversion to.

We'll then see the RMB rises in value due to funds pouring into China and making Chinese goods even more uncompetitive. Tgere will be a pount when Chinese goods will neither be emotionally attractive or economically competitive.

It's going to get very traumatic.

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