Upbeat employment report underscores U.S. economic strength

By Lucia Mutikani

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These articles in the business section filled with facts sure look much different once they make their way to the politics section.

keep up the good work President Trump, we all appreciate it.

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A county's economic worth are in one basic concept of sufficiency and balance in ... "resources" and "production". There are the natural and (unnatural) man-made resources as well as the "human" resource (the work force). All three must be properly coordinated to be productive. In survival mode as well as in luxury mode, all resources must be producing efficiently, effectively and sufficiently, and most importantly, well balanced.., but not excessively where there is waste.

When there is misuse, excess, or idleness in any of the three for whatever reason, the balance is lost and the economic worth and value is negatively affected.

The workforce, human resource, has been lying idle.. for sometime due to 1) "dependency", 2) "incompetence", 3) "external influence", etc. but most importantly lack of "opportunity" for those that were able.

Trump has found a way to give them the opportunity.

That is because "opportunity" was either stolen or given away to other countries by those who for whatever reason brought "imbalance" to the country.

Those... sadly were our own people in government and corporations that saw "exploitation" of other economies along with ours as "opportunity" for themselves.

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Good news for the U.S.

That's a big employment number. They do tend to fluctuate quite a bit.

In terms of interest rates. They can't stay at 0% forever. At 2.5%, they could and should go further when or if the economy can tolerate it.

Heaven knows how the E.U is going to raise rates given their predicament. Same applies to Japan given its flat growth.

Out of the U.S, E.U and China, its pretty clear that the U.S is doing the best in terms of trends in economic activity at this point.

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New year would bring in new higher minimum wage in some states

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Uh oh. The #resistance is not going to be happy about this positive economic news.

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