U.S. job growth roars back, but COVID-19 resurgence threatens recovery

By Lucia Mutikani

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I would not say it has "roared back" It has merely dropped a little. The real numbers are the U6, not the U3 that everyone quotes. The U6 stand at approximately 19%.

And America is now in its second lockdown. So layoffs are coming again.

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Doesn't look like the vast majority of people in the US believe in the basics. Wearing a mask, sanitizer at the entry and exit of all retail and restaurants and avoiding crowded places when possible.

Living in Japan and seeing the benefit of those simple precautions first hand, I don't see how the US will curb the current trend without them. And with that the general unemployment and economy.

That is if you aren't wealthy and have stocks in the US exchanges which are being pumped by the Federal Reserve's newly created money.

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