U.S. job growth surges; July rate cut expectations intact

By Lucia Mutikani

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Thank you, President Trump for the great economy. MAGA!

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Yes. Thank you President Trump. The upward trend of the economy that started in 2009 was all because of you President Trump. The continuous upward trend in Employment that began in 2010 was 100% because of President Trump. Thank you Trump. Only you can make so many things happen before taking office and before any of your policies come into effect since taking office.

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Americans are paying the Chinese tariffs in full, so probably will hit the job rate at some point if it continues. Japan, Britain and Germany are also enjoying low unemployment rates.

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We don't need all these jobs. Bernie Sanders is going to pay for everyone's college and Andrew Yang is going to pay everyone $1,000 a month. And Kamala Harris is going to make sure all black people get reparations.

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So the Fed may not cut interest rate - which will ire Trump

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Everything is great!! But but but sometime later it might not be as good. so Orange man still bad.

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Trump said the economy was booming. He said this is the greatest economy in the history of the country. But if that was the case, why does he want the FED to lower interest rates, and why is he calling for more stimulus? In a booming economy, you raise the interest rates, you don't lower them, and you don't need stimulus. Trump has boxed himself into a corner with this rhetoric on the economy. In 2015, he was complaining that Obama's economy was not great, but a bubble maintained by low interest rates, he was right, but he is doing the exact same thing now.

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"...why does he want the FED to lower interest rates..."

Because he figures the Obama economy was given an easy ride from the low-interest rate environment. He also wants a lower dollar, given Japan's unwavering ultra-loosening and the EU's latest dovish signals, to make the US more competitive in global trade.

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That's what Trump thinks, but weak dollar is not going to make America more competitive, or raise their standards of living. It will be beneficial to the export industries, but on the expense of everybody else. Weak dollar means lower purchasing power, which means less service sector jobs, less consumption, less production, and lower standards of living.

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