WWF urges Yahoo Japan to restrict ivory trade on auction site


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It still hasnt been restricted ? I remember the same requests being made to Japan for a number of years. Must be another example of Japanese " tradition and culture" that gaikoku doesnt understand then. Another talking point for next time when the inevitable " we Japanese love and have a special relationship with nature" topic comes up.

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But, if trade in ivory is banned, doesn’t that mean Yahoo is breaking the law by allowing it to be sold on the website?

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@Do the hustle It's banned only in certain countries, it can still be sold legally in Japan and other countries. I would never buy anything made from ivory. To kill elephants to near extinction for their tusks is not right.

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I wonder if the ban includes antiques (not fakes) that has some documentation of proof?

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wtf Japan, please ban ivory trading outright!

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