Yahoo Japan OKs its 8,000 workers to commute from anywhere, even by air


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Good news.

Yahoo Japan is besto!

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Like the Meiji Restoration. Gaiatsu in the form of a virus from China causing massive change for the good.

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Good news for Yahoo employees, and if Yahoo Japan reduces its office space (see link below) in Tokyo, that should result in fewer people riding trains which should be good news for Tokyo commuters, and hopefully train companies will not further decrease the number of trains, especially during peak hours.. I hope one reason is doing this is because its employees suggested it, and the managers might have actually listened to and acted on their suggestion. Next it would be nice to hear corporations and businesses of all sizes are raising worker's salaries. More power to workers!

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I don't know but it sounds to me more of a Hikikomori problem as internet connections aren't real.

Have fun getting stickers for your birthday instead of real cake from your coworkers!

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Stickers work for me!

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Have fun getting stickers for your birthday instead of real cake from your coworkers!

well at least I won’t have to chip in for a cake for someone I don’t care about.

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Have fun getting stickers for your birthday instead of real cake from your coworkers!"

Who gives a toss about " real birthday cake" when the upside is you don't have to spend hours commuting in sardine packed Tokyo trains.

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Telephone Corp said last year that it is considering allowing all 320,000 employees of the telecom giant group to work remotely as the norm and abolishing job relocations.

ANA Holdings Inc, the parent of All Nippon Airways Co, is planning to allow 38,000 full-time employees barring pilots to switch their jobs within the ANA group as they wish so that they can choose where they live……

Having people choose where they want to live as opposed to companies telling people to move despite their deep roots in their local areas?!?!

What kind of freedom madness is that!?!

Why didn’t anyone else think of that before!?!?

You mean not EVERYONE wants to relocate to Tokyo?!? I’m amazed………

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Not been to the office since April 2020, our productivity is higher and staff morale is up.

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Happy employees don’t matter. Cutting costs and more profit matters.

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I really hope this is a trend that catches on like wildfire across the board. WFH is the way of the future and hopefully students will be able to study from home too.

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good. my company won't even let us work from parents or relatives' houses.

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And all employees together said "Yahoo!"

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No big government socialism mentioned in the article, so I assume that Yahoo! is doing this in what it perceives to be its own interest (keeping good workers on board).

Always glad to see instances of free market capitalism here in Japan.

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I’ve stopped running for trains and battling my way through hordes of workers-financially better off too.

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