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Yamato considers withdrawing from Amazon's same-day delivery service


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Next we will start to see Amazon delivery trucks perhaps?

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I agree with yamato. Same day delivery is just too much. Those guys do an awesome job and I have nothing but respect for them.

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Same day delivery is not to much. That is what customers pay for. Amazon and others is the way of future retailing and soon most online retailers will offer same day delivery services. Yamato should just hire more staff.

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Yamato should just hire more staff.

Paragraph six tells me they are most probably trying to. How would Amazon prime members feel paying increased membership if it meant yamato could keep offering the service? The price in Japan is less than half of most other countries. That could help a little with employing more staff.

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They had to hit a wall eventually. The only way forward would be Minority Report style anticipated buying. We've become too impatient as a society (myself included) so we expect instant gratification. Remember when you had to order stuff from a catalog and wait six weeks?! Puts a couple of days in perspective.

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Those who want/need same day service should be prepared to pay the premium that will guarantee the level of service. Delivery by drone will be with us in a few years anyway. That will shake things up a bit.

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Online retail giant Amazon offers the service to customers who pay a 3,900 yen annual fee.

Jesus, they should charge this much for each same-day delivery. Unless it's an absolute emergency there's no reason not to have to wait two or three days.

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The answer is to bring in thousands of foreign "trainees", who can spend five years working 16 hours days whilst learning parcel delivery skills that they cannot possibly acquire in their home countries.

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I worked as a delivery driver in Japan for about a year and a half. It is absolute hell and the pay is so-so. If they seriously raised the drivers' wages, they might find more people willing to do the job. The real story behind this article is the shortage of workers- driving is going to take a particularly hard hit.

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Next we will start to see Amazon delivery trucks perhaps? the more the better. Im sure others will be willing to step in and take business away from the big guys.

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Was about 2 or 3m away from being run down by an Amazon Prime Now delivery vehicle which didn't bother to slow down as it crossed a busy shopping street near my home a while back. It narrowly missed myself & one other person. If this is what they have to do to ensure the extremely low lead time deliveries I think I would prefer to keep my life & just put up with the "inconvenience" of later or next day deliveries. The pressure on their drivers must be immense.

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Same day delivery is too much for these guys, I think -- and they should never be expected to work the hours they have been without proper compensation. BUT, if Amazon continues to charge Prime members for said service but Yamato won't do it, they need to start looking for a company that will. I HAVE seen a lot of "Amazon delivery" going on lately and it seems they have started their own service, but so far I still think Yamato beats it.

So, pay the people more -- starting with their overtime dues -- or reduce the Prime member's fee to reflect the lack of same-day delivery.

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Yamato Transport Co, Japan’s leading door-to-door courier firm, is considering withdrawing from its same-day delivery service for Amazon.com Inc to reduce its drivers’ heavy workloads

just hire more people and charge more for same day. simple. Am I missing something or do they not know how to do business?

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not pay raises, adding staff, even seasonal or part time. they obviously do not know business 101

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not pay raises, adding staff, thats the problem they cant get staff with the wages they offer and the amount of work they do. ID personally shovel poo for 10hrs a day if the pay was good enough, but itd have to be pretty darn good.

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" ID personally shovel poo for 10hrs a day if the pay was good enough"...... thats what so many of the posters here who work in finance and sales are actually doing

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Same day delivery is not to much. That is what customers pay for.

That's the problem. The customers aren't paying enough for it - because Amazon finds it easier to squeeze the delivery companies instead. If people were willing to pay a fair wage to the drivers, there would be no need to overwork them.

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same day service is a premium service that should cost more and should be charged more. There is obviously a need for it, therefore there is obviously a profit to be made form it.

The crux of the argument is how much Amazon is paying for the delivery.

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Check your credit card statements because I got charged Amazon's 3,900 yen fee last month without even asking to join that 'service'. There is a way of canceling the fee but it takes a bit of looking for on their Japanese website. I use Amazon a bit and have usually had good service but this charge was very sneaky.

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Next we will start to see Amazon delivery trucks perhaps?

Don't doubt it. They'll be opening their own airline for delivery. Even FedEx is afraid of them at the moment.

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For Amazon there are no alternative delivery companies. They used to use Sagawa and JP but they both bailed out and now Yamato. There is not another company that has a big enough network that covers Japan.

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People should get what they pay for and be paid for their efforts. Somebody's stiffing someone and someone is getting stiffed.

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Amazon customers definitely aren't getting stiffed. They get a lot for their money in Japan. It's fair for yamato to increase the price and fair for them to refuse the service if Amazon won't pay up. There is also the redelivery that affects yamato though. I still think a single redelivery chance is fine but after that it should be on the customer to collect from their nearest depot.

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A friend of mine works for Yamato, she said the re delivering is the worst thing after the constant questions "is Yamato a black company?" Pure greed and status hunting but we have heard that before.

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This is a bad move. Same day delivery is the future, if Yamato pulls out now they will find it difficult to get back in again as dozens of other competitors will jump in and fill the void

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If the number of immigrants increases, then it's possible to fill the void in labor, especially in delivery and construction.

And fto those who absolutely need to get something the same day, re-evaluate your life.

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Obviously the answer is self driving delivery trucks. Goodbye drivers. Might take a few years but these guys are toast. Packages delivered faster and cheaper yet. Happier customers, more sales.

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I buy things off Amazon nearly daily, I would have no problem paying a much larger yearly fee for a premium service such as same delivery. 3900Yen is a joke.

On that note, surely there is opportunity for Yamato or Amazon to make money through hiring more employees, increasing their services... Japan could probably use the increased business.

but I am all for increased rates - the delivery guys are great.

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