Yen gains as Japanese stimulus expectations dialled back


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The closer the yen goes to 100 the faster I can repay my USA student loan.

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if the yen isn't to your liking then maybe its better to get a job in the US, the weaker the yen gets the more I can pay my Japanese staff bonus, keeping the money in Japan... i wouldn't bet on the yen going below 100 for any period of time in the foreseable future.....cue @Gary 3 2 1 ............

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wtfjapanJul. 26, 2016 - 08:41PM JST

i wouldn't bet on the yen going below 100 for any period of time in the foreseable future.....cue @Gary 3 2 1 ............

For once we are in agreement. But the days where others let the Japanese manipulate their currency at the expense of US jobs are over.

The Japanese have to face the new reality, which the LDP seems unwilling to do and the general Japanese populace seem ignorant to do.

Future Japanese prosperity will be the domestic economy or not... A bit like the problem Switzerland faced in the early 1980s.

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Japanese manipulate their currency at the expense of US jobs are over. so when the US was printing their money and the resulting crash in the $ caused exports to boom what is that called!? The US seems to think that everything sold in the USA has to be made in the USA, I mean whats the point of even having FTA , TPP. 70% of all Japanese cars sold in the US are made in the US, seems all that the US is trying to do is steal more jobs from Japan. The US isnt Japans only trading partner, China is also a big importer of J goods and they dont seem to have a problem with Japans currency moves. How does Japan boost it domestic economy when its population is shrinking!? No Japan and China will do whats best for their economies and if the US doesnt want to trade fairly then China can take the US position in the TPP.

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There you go again.. and as soon as someone points out your lack of knowledge (.i.e. you didn't seem to know the difference yesterday between a trade surplus and a current account surplus) you go off on one.

Again with the point you've just mentioned. The slaves had jobs in the southern states of the USA, circa 1865, but it doesn't mean they prospered from the experience. Japanese companies might well build their cars in the USA, but the profits go to Japanese companies and the Japanese state through the current account surplus, and not to the US worker or the the US state.

Hmmm... China has a current account surplus with Japan and has had for the last 15 years. At present, it doesn't bother the Chinese government that most of those Chinese exports to Japan are owned by Japanese companies (Panasonic aircons manufactured in China or Toshiba fridges likewise) because China is paranoid about unemployment, but it eventually will because it puts too much pressure on the Yuan and the fact that the Chinese government has to use valuable foreign currency reserves to support the Yuan.

Japan is playing with economic/fiscal marked cards (protection of all areas of its domestic economy that are slightly threatened by foreign competition and manipulation of its currency to promote exports) and during the Cold War and when Japan was a minnow, others took a blind eye to the issue.

But this 2016.

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